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Benim için, senin konuşman tamamen anlamanın ötesindedir. - For me, your speech is totally beyond comprehension.

Ders kitabında her bölüm yaklaşık bir düzine anlama soruları tarafından takip edilir. - Each chapter in the textbook is followed by about a dozen comprehension questions.

{i} kavrama
(Tıp) Anlama yeteneği, idrak anlamları ve ilişkileri kavrayabilme
{i} anlayış

Küresel bir anlayış sorunu var. - There is a global problem of comprehension.

{i} kavrayış

Bu test senin okuma kavrayışını ölçecek. - This test will gauge your reading comprehension.

(okulda) kavrama testi
{i} akıl
{i} kapsam
{i} idrak
kavrama testi/anlama
comprehension approach
(Dilbilim) anlama yaklaşımı
beyond comprehension
Algılamanın ötesinde, anlaşılması güç
reading comprehension
okuduğunu anlama
lack of comprehension
kavrama eksikliği
appreciative comprehension
(Dilbilim) beğenisel kavrayış
listening comprehension test
(Dilbilim) dinleme-algılama sınavı
literal comprehension
(Dilbilim) düz kavrayış
quick of comprehension
anlayışı kuvvetli
quick of comprehension
reading comprehension test
(Dilbilim) okuma anlama sınavı
show a lack of comprehension
anlayışsızlık göstermek
show a lack of comprehension
anlayışssızlık sergilemek
slow of comprehension
anlayışı kıt
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
thorough understanding
a compact syntax for generating a list in some functional programming languages
The totality of intensions, that is, attributes, characters, marks, properties, or qualities, that the object possesses, or else the totality of intensions that are pertinent to the context of a given discussion
ability to know
{n} knowledge, capacity, epitome
The capacity of the mind to perceive and understand; the power, act, or process of grasping with the intellect; perception; understanding; as, a comprehension of abstract principles
Understanding of spoken, written or gestural communication
Understanding of spoken, written, or gestural communication
The act of comprehending, containing, or comprising; inclusion
an ability to understand the meaning or importance of something (or the knowledge acquired as a result); "how you can do that is beyond my comprehension"; "he was famous for his comprehension of American literature"
n 1a The act or fact of comprehending; understanding b Knowledge that is acquired through comprehending 2 The capacity to include; comprehensiveness
the relation of comprising something; "he admired the inclusion of so many ideas in such a short work"
Comprehension is full knowledge and understanding of the meaning of something. They turned to one another with the same expression of dawning comprehension, surprise, and relief
Comprehension is the ability to understand something. This was utterly beyond her comprehension. = understanding
Comprehension is defined as the ability to grasp the meaning of material This may be shown by translating material from one form to another (words to numbers), by interpreting material (explaining or summarizing), and by estimating future trends (predicting consequences or effects) These learning outcomes go one step beyond the siple remembering of material, and represent the lowest level of understanding **
The ability to understand and gain meaning from what has been read Top
The extraction of meaning; the first step in critically analyzing any presentation regardless of medium (Anderson, 1983, p 318) Comprehension may include the ability to recall or recognize content information and to infer story sequence or plot
The act of understanding what has been communicated
Processing language of varying complexity, relating that information to past experiences, acting upon it appropriately Comprehension is determined by the person's behavior
To Grasp Mentally all Connections of a Problem or Event
The complement of attributes which make up the notion signified by a general term
When pupils do comprehension, they do an exercise to find out how well they understand a piece of spoken or written language. Act of or capacity for grasping with the intellect. The term is most often used in connection with tests of reading skills and language abilities, though other abilities (e.g., mathematical reasoning) may also be examined. Specialists in administering and interpreting such tests are known as psychometricians (see psychometrics) or differential psychologists. See also dyslexia; laterality; psychological testing; speech
The process of making sense of stimuli so that the message may be understood
That which is comprehended or inclosed within narrow limits; a summary; an epitome
A figure by which the name of a whole is put for a part, or that of a part for a whole, or a definite number for an indefinite
in the context of Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning, a mental grasp of knowledge, the capacity to discerning meaning, interpret, discern consequences (trends) and reasoning about phenomena and processes Synonymous with understanding
{i} understanding, intelligibility
plural of comprehension