complex variable

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(Bilgisayar,Matematik) karmaşık değişken
karmasik degisken
complex variables
(Jeoloji) karmaşık değişkenler
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An expression of the form x + iy, where x and y are real variables and i = -1. In mathematics, a variable that can take on the value of a complex number. In basic algebra, the variables x and y generally stand for values of real numbers. The algebra of complex numbers (complex analysis) uses the complex variable z to represent a number of the form a + bi. The modulus of z is its absolute value. A complex variable may be graphed as a vector from the origin to the point (a,b) in a rectangular coordinate system, its modulus corresponding to the vector's length. Called an Argand diagram, this representation establishes a connection between complex analysis and vector analysis. See also Euler's formula
complex variable


    com·plex va·ri·a·ble

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    kımpleks veriıbıl


    /kəmˈpleks ˈverēəbəl/ /kəmˈplɛks ˈvɛriːəbəl/

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