coal gas

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الإنجليزية - التركية
kömür gazı
hava gazı
gas coal
gaz kömürü
gas coal
havagazı kömürü
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The poisonous gas, used domestically for cooking etc and formerly for lighting, prepared by heating coal with steam; it is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide; synthesis gas or town gas
gas made from coal (used for heating)
gas produced by burning coal, used especially for electricity and heating natural gas
gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting
gas coal
coal which is used in making gas
coal gas

    التركية النطق

    kōl gäs


    /ˈkōl ˈgas/ /ˈkoʊl ˈɡæs/

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    [ 'kOl ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English col, from Old English; akin to Old High German & Old Norse kol burning ember, Middle Irish gúal coal.

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