claude-louis-hector duke de villars

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Claude-Louis-Hector duke de Villars
v. born May 8, 1653, Moulins, France died June 17, 1734, Turin, Sardinia French soldier. He distinguished himself in France's war against the Dutch (1672-78) and in the War of the Grand Alliance. After leading French forces to early victories in the War of the Spanish Succession, he was made a marshal of France (1702) and a duke (1705). He continued successful military campaigns in Germany (1705-08), inflicted heavy losses on the duke of Marlborough's forces at Malplaquet (1709), and defeated Eugene of Savoy at Denain (1712). He served on the regency council for the young Louis XV. At the outbreak of the War of the Polish Succession, he was given the exceptional title of marshal general of France (1733) and sent to attack Austrian lands in northern Italy
claude-louis-hector duke de villars