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An underground pit where sewage is held
A filthy place
{n} a receiver of filth in a drain
A place where sewage is held; a cesspit
An underground reservoir for liquid waste, typically household sewage
a covered cistern; waste water and sewage flow into it
A cesspool is the same as a cesspit
A covered watertight tank used for receiving and storing sewage from premises which cannot be connected to the public sewer and where conditions prevent the use of a small sewage treatment works, including a septic tank
A cesspool is a welled, underground cavity designed to receive the discharge from waste and soil pipes Here, liquids are passed off while solida remain to undergo bacterial decomposition
{i} reservoir for liquid waste and sewage; place full of immorality
A private sewerage system consisting of a pit underground where sewerage flows into and allows the waste water to leach through the sides of the pit leaving the sludge to be pumped regularly
A cistern in the course, or the termination, of a drain, to collect sedimentary or superfluous matter; a privy vault; any receptacle of filth
plural of cesspool



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    /ˈsesˌpo͞ol/ /ˈsɛsˌpuːl/

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    [ -"pü(&)l ] (noun.) 1782. By folk etymology (influence from pool) from earlier cesperalle, alteration of Middle English suspiral, from Middle French souspirail (“air hole”), from soupirer, souspirer (“to sigh, breathe”), from Latin suspirare.

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