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eyerin arka kaşı
{i} bölüm
parça bölüm
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The raised back of a saddle

The traps were packed in the splitwillow basket that his father wore with the shoulderstraps loosed so that the bottom of the basket carried on the cantle of the saddle behind him.

A splinter, slice, or sliver broken off something

ther begā a strong bataille with many grete strokes, & soo hewe with her swerdes that the cantels flewe in the feldes, and moche blood they bledde both .

{v} to cut into pieces
{n} a piece, part, fragment
A piece or a fragment of a larger object
To cut in pieces; to cut out from
the back of a saddle seat
arched, rear portion of the saddle tree
The upwardly projecting rear part of saddle, opposite to the pommel
{i} back part of a saddle that is usually curved upwards; segment, corner, portion or piece (also cantel)
The raised portion at the back of the saddle
A corner or edge of anything; a piece; a fragment; a part
This is the back ridge of an English saddle



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    /ˈkantəl/ /ˈkæntəl/

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    [ 'kan-t&l ] (noun.) 14th century. From Old Northern French cantel, Old French chantel (Modern French chanteau), from Medieval Latin cantellus, diminutive of Latin cantus (“corner”).

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