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الإنجليزية - التركية
toprak set
rıhtım caddesi
bund of
ve rıhtım
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A secondary enclosure, typically consisting of a wall or berm, which surrounds a tank or fluid-handling mechanism, intended to contain any spills or leaks

The most important of these provisions are bunds, which are enclosures capable of holding liquids that may escape from the vessels and pipes within the bund wall. -- Second progress report on the Buncefield investigation.

To provide berms or other secondary enclosures to guard against accidental fluid spills within

Plant room floors are generally bunded and/or waterproofed to contain any leaks or spillages of liquids and fluids from faulty tanks, plant or pipe work.

a league or confederacy; especially the confederation of German states
An embankment formed from natural material, used either to screen a site from view or reduce noise emission from a site
A political labor organization of Jewish workers founded in Vilna, Lithuania in 1987 The name is an abbreviation in Yiddish for The General Union of Jewish Workers in Russia, Lithuania, and Poland The Bund opposed Zionism and viewed Yiddish as the only secular Jewish language
The name given to an embankment used to provide a barrier or screen eg a noise bund or tailings impoundment bund
{i} dam; embankment
An area of containment Used to describe features such as dams, pond walls and flood banks Also used to describe areas for containment of chemical spillage
a German bond and its futures contract
{f} embank
A chemical day tank should be placed inside a separate tank which is sized 10% greater than the volume of the day tank The bund can be brick built or made from chemically resistant plastic
German government bonds
German government bond with a maturity of up to 30 years The 10-year bund serves as the benchmark for the German and other European bond markets
the confederation of German states
League; confederacy; esp
An embankment against inundation
A small bank of soil or other inert material used to define limits of cells or phases or roadways Not a structural embankment which may be required to retain waste or liquid, but may be a permanent part of a landfill base, incorporating a liner
third-person singular of bund



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    /ˈbənd/ /ˈbʌnd/

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    [ b&nd ] (noun.) 1810. Hindi band, from Persian.

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