brown's syndrome

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Brown's syndrome is an eye disorder, involving fibrous adhesions in the upper medial quadrant of the orbit. These lesions involve the superior oblique tendon and trochlea and mechanically limit eye elevation. Limitation of elevation is most marked in the adducted position, and elevation improvement occurs gradually as the eye is abducted. Differential diagnosis is concerned mainly with paresis of the inferior oblique muscle. Forced duction testing is diagnostic, since there is an upward restriction to elevation in adduction when Brown's syndrome is present. The condition is usually unilateral and idiopathic, though rarely it may be due to trauma or inflammation
brown's syndrome


    brown's syn·drome

    التركية النطق

    braunz sîndrōm


    /ˈbrounz ˈsənˌdrōm/ /ˈbraʊnz ˈsɪnˌdroʊm/

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