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الإنجليزية - التركية
yardımcı motor
takviye edici
fren takviyesi
(Askeri,Havacılık) yardımcı roket
(Askeri) artırıcı
ilk hareket motoru
(Askeri) tutuşturucu
{i} hız kazandırıcı (roket)
bir ilacın etkinliğini arttıran madde
güç ya da basınç arttıran aygıt
(İnşaat) kuvvetlendirici
Araba aküleri bittiğinde bir başka arabanın aküsüne bağlanıp arabaya güç veren kablo
yardım eden kimse
(Askeri) TUTUŞTURUCU, TUTUŞTURUCU ELEMANI: Bir tapa veya fünyede az miktarda infilak elemanı ile ateşlenebilecek hassasiyette ve esas infilak maddesini infilak ettirecek kudrette bir yüksek infilak maddesi
ileri götüren şey
{i} yükseltici
{i} amplifikatör
{i} yardım
{i} destek
booster shot bağışıklığı artırmak için yapılan ek aşı
rokette yardımcı ek motor
voltajı yükselten alet
{i} propagandacı
{i} yardımcı
{i} (rokette) ek motor
(Tekstil) küçük küvet
(Havacılık) booster
booster amplifier
(Bilgisayar,Elektrik, Elektronik) ek güç yükselteci
booster charge
(Askeri) yemleme imla hakkı
booster charge
(Askeri) teşdit hakkı
booster battery
yardımcı akü
booster coil
ilk hareket bobini
booster diode
gerilim yükseltme diyodu
booster ejector
güçlendirilmiş fışkırtıcı
booster shot

Her on yılda bir tetanoz aşısı vurdurmalısın. - You should get a tetanus booster shot once every ten years.

booster cushion
Arkalığı olmayan, sadece oturan çocuğu yükseltmeye ve böylece emniyet kemeri tarafından doğru şekilde tutulmasını sağlamaya yarayan çocuk oturağı
booster fan
yardımcı vantilatör
booster gear
Takviye vites
booster light
doldurma ışığı, destek ışığı, doldurma ışık
booster pump
Güçlü itici/çekici güce sahip pompa
booster pump
booster pump
yardımcı pompa
booster seat
yükseltici koltuk
booster seats
yükseltici koltuk
booster air cleaner
(Otomotiv) servo hava filtresi
booster amplifier
ek guc yukselteci
booster battery
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) güçlendirme bataryası
booster battery
güçlendirici batarya
booster cable
(Otomotiv) atlama kablosu
booster charge
(Askeri) Yemleme barutu
booster charge
(Askeri) YEMLEME BARUTU, YEMLEME İMLA HAKKI, TEŞDİT HAKKI (ORD.): Tutuşturucu olarak kullanılan yüksek süratli infilak maddesi
booster compressor
takviye kompresörü
booster control valve
(Otomotiv) servo kumanda valfi
booster cushion
(Otomotiv) servo tamponu
booster cylinder
hava destek silindiri
booster diode
(Teknik,Televizyon) verim diyodu
booster dose
(Askeri) MÜKERRER AŞI, TAKVİYE AŞISI: Bir muafiyet aşısında, evvelce verilen dozun etkisini tembih maksadıyla, daha sonra verilen miktar. Ayrıca bakınız: "immunization"
booster dose
(Askeri) takviye aşısı
booster dose
(Askeri) mükerrer aşı
booster element
(Nükleer Bilimler) aşırı reaktif yakıt elemanı,güç tırmandırıcı eleman
booster fan
yardımcı üfleç
booster fan
yardımcı yelvuran
booster heater
(Otomotiv) servo ısıtıcısı
booster heater
takviye kalorifer
booster light
destek ışığı
booster light
doldurma ışık
booster operation
(Otomotiv) fren servosunun çalışması
booster piston
(Otomotiv) servo pistonu
booster pressure
booster rocket
hız kazandırıcı roket
booster shot
bağışıklık artırıcı aşı
booster shot
ek aşı
booster transformer
yardımcı trafo
booster transformer
düzenleyici trafo
brake booster
fren takviyesi
takeoff booster
havalanma motoru
handbrake booster
el freni güçlendiricisi
morale booster
moral yükseltici
steering booster
dönüş busteri, direksiyon yardımcı düzeneği
adapter and booster
positive booster
(Elektrik, Elektronik) voltaj yükseltici
recoil booster
(Askeri) gaz ayar cihazı
recoil booster
(Askeri) GAZ AYAR CİHAZI: Normal yatay açılar dışındaki açılarda ateş edilirken namludan gazın bir kısmının kaçmasını önleyen ve kesin geri tepme etkisinin sağlanmasında müessir olan makineli tüfek parçası
rocket booster
besleme roketi
steering booster
(Otomotiv) dönüş busteri
vacuum booster
(Otomotiv) yardımcı vakum pompası
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Someone who is a fan or supporter of something
A booster dose

When did you get your last tetanus booster?.

A member of a booster club
Something that boosts
The first stage of a multistage rocket that provides the thrust for liftoff and the initial flight
A device or amplifier inserted into a line or cable to increase the voltage or signal
Administration of an additional vaccination to help increase or speed the immune response to a previous vaccination
an additional dose that makes sure the first dose was effective
A plate not intended for registration purposes, usually attached to the front of the car Often advertises a specific pace or event Often used by car dealerships in jurisdictions where there isn't any front plate
{i} voltage amplifier; immunization injection; follower, supporter
A booster is a small injection of a drug that you have some time after a larger injection, in order to make sure that the first injection will remain effective
an additional dose that makes sure the first dose was effective the first stage of a multistage rocket a thief who steals goods that are in a store
1) A pump for increasing the pressure in a water supply pipe or fire riser 2) A heating element in an electric storage water heater which is switched on during the day if the draw-off temperature drops too low
– An explosive chemical compound used for priming or intensifying an explosion
A fan, supporter, contributor or alumnus who enthusiastically -- perhaps even rabidly -- supports a college athletic team Unfortunately, the occasional willingness of boosters to go beyond cheering and legitimate help by directly contacting players or offering them or their relatives money, overpaid jobs, clothing, free rent, cars and the like, has landed more than one program in hot water with the NCAA It has also cost more than one student athlete his or her remaining eligibility when word has gotten out There is nothing wrong with being a booster But there's a lot wrong with accepting improper gifts or services from one NCAA rules prohibit boosters from contacting prospective athletes by mail, telephone or in person
A device or amplifier inserted into a line or cable to increase the voltage Transformers may be employed to boost ac voltages
An instrument for regulating the electro-motive force in an alternating- current circuit; so called because used to "boost", or raise, the pressure in the circuit
Where one is interested in the views of young people, for example, an extra sample may be selected to investigate the responses specific to that group
An additional dose of a vaccine needed periodically to "boost" the immune system (e g tetanus-diphtheria vaccine every 10 years)
A "booster" is an individual or business who is known (or should have been known) by the Belmont Athletic Department to have participated in any of the following
A booster is something that increases a positive or desirable quality. It was amazing what a morale booster her visits proved Praise is a great confidence booster
A secondary immunization used to increase a weak immune response to a primary immunization
A tower used to fill holes in what should be covered in a station's coverage area, but due to terrain, or other factors, in unreceiveable without a booster This is often used by "rim shooters" to get signals from small towns into large cities
Abbreviation for Power Booster (or Power Station)
a thief who steals goods that are in a store
a second or later vaccine dose given after the primary dose(s) to increase the immune response to the original vaccine antigen(s) The vaccine given as the booster dose may or may not be the same as the primary vaccine (See also prime-boost )
a person who backs a politician or a team etc ; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
a subsequent dose given some time after initial administration of a vaccine or drug to enhance or restore its effectiveness
A booster is an extra engine in a machine such as a space rocket, which provides an extra amount of power at certain times. Ground controllers will then fire the booster, sending the satellite into its proper orbit
Common term applies to the use of a compressor when used as the first stage in the cascade refrigerating system
the first stage of a multistage rocket
A pump system installed to maintain or increase pressure in pipelines so that liquids and gases keep flowing
A device or amplifier inserted into a line or cable to increase the voltage Transformers may be employed to boost ac voltages The term booster is also applied to antenna preamplifiers
1 Short for booster engine or booster rocket
someone who is an active supporter and advocate
The final high-explosive component of an explosive train that amplifies the detonation from the lead or detonator Thus, a booster charge reliably detonates the main high-explosive charge of the munition
A machine which aspirates gas which has already been compressed and delivers the same at higher pressure
An explosive of special character, usually of high strength and high detonating velocity, generally used in small quantities to improve the performance of another explosive, the latter constituting the major portion of the charge and made up of a less sensitive explosive Also see "Gaine "
A booster is someone who supports a sports team, organization, person, or place very enthusiastically. A former associate of Mr. Pierce's was among the project's boosters. = supporter
in missile defense, the very fast rocket that carries the warhead or "kill vehicle" to the proximity of the planned intercept point
booster cable
A pair of well-insulated electrical wires, with clamps at each end, designed to transfer an electrical current from one automotive battery to another in order to jump start a vehicle
booster cables
plural form of booster cable
booster club
An organization devoted to collecting funds for specific other organization
booster dose
A dose of an antigen designed to strengthen immunity after an earlier immunizing dose
booster injection
A dose of an antigen designed to strengthen immunity after an earlier immunizing dose
booster shot
A dose of an antigen designed to strengthen immunity after an earlier immunizing dose
booster cable
An electric cable used to connect a discharged battery to a power source for charging. Also called jumper cable
booster pump
A pump in a fuel system, oil system, or the like, used to provide additional or auxiliary pressure when needed or to provide an initial pressure differential before entering a main pump, as in pumping hydrogen near the boiling point
booster pump
Secondary to the filter pump, a booster pump is used to power an automatic pool cleaner such as Polaris
booster pump
A surface pump used to increase pressure in a water line, or to pull from a storage tank and pressurize a water system See surface pump
booster pump
A PTO powered pump with less than 500 gallons per minute (1900 L/min) rating used to supply water through small hose line and for pump and roll operations
booster pump
A pump for circulating the heat transfer fluid in a hydronic heating system
booster rocket
booster: the first stage of a multistage rocket
booster seat
A booster seat or a booster cushion is a special seat which allows a small child to sit in a higher position, for example at a table or in a car. 'booster .chair 'booster .cushion a special seat for a small child that lets them sit in a higher position in a car or at a table
booster seat
a seat to help raise a child in a vehicle so that the vehicle's seat belt fits properly
booster seat
special seat designed to be placed on top of an adult chair in order to raise a small child to the level of a table; minimal car seat designed for a small child (used with an adult safety belt)
booster shot
An additional dose of an immunizing agent, such as a vaccine or toxoid, given at a time after the initial dose to sustain the immune response elicited by the previous dose of the same agent. Also called booster dose
booster shot
injection which strengthens immunity to a certain disease
battery booster
A portable battery, fitted with cables and a charger, used to charge a dead battery, especially in a car
rooster booster
Alternative name of chicken cannon
Big Dumb Booster
{i} rocket which is imprecise and less efficient (such as the "Katyusha")
these are the triggers or levers found on the ends of a metal ring which are used to open and/or close the rings
plural of booster
alumni supporters of college teams
The Poway High School Music Boosters
an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal
brake booster
(Otomotiv) If your car has power brakes, a brake booster is located between the brake pedal and the master cylinder to increase the force applied to the brakes. There are two common types
morale booster
You can refer to something that makes people feel more confident and cheerful as a morale booster. This win has been a great morale booster
power booster
(Otomotiv) A device that uses engine vacuum to assist you in braking the car. Helps the brake pedal activate the hydraulic pistons in the master cylinder
rocket booster
extra charge that increases the speed of a rocket and increases the range of strike
voltage booster
electrical device that is used to amplify the voltage strength
التركية - الإنجليزية
(Havacılık) booster