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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Argo) sıvışmak
boogie woogie
caz müziği
boogie man
boogie adam
boogie board
(Argo) yarım sörf tahtası
boogie woogie
piyano ile caz çalma
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A large, organised skydiving event
Dancing usually prominently exhibiting movements of the buttocks
To move, walk, leave, exit
A piece of solid or semi-solid mucus in or removed from the nostril cavity; booger
To dance a boogie
Skydiving event
{f} dance energetically (esp. to rock music); depart, leave; move quickly (Slang)
(Muzik) (noun) A dance to pop or rock music
(Muzik) (verb) (boogies, boogieing, boogied) informal dance to pop or rock music
(Muzik) (noun) (also boogie-woogie) (plural boogies) A style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat
The chassis of a coaster car The underside The foundation on which the seats are built The bogie holds the couplings to other cars, the wheels, brake fin (if fin brakes are used), as well as the chain dog, and ratchet dog
an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)
The free hip lifts and moves in a circular motion in the direction of the weighted foot
To dance a boogy
{i} boogie woogie (form of jazz), jazz piano style
Dancing, usually exhibiting movements of the buttocks
When you boogie, you dance to fast pop music. At night, a good place to boogie through till sunrise is the Pink Panther Bar. to dance, especially to fast popular music
n, A gathering of jumpers for the purposes of jumping and socializing Typically, boogies will have large aircraft, unusual aircraft (balloons, helicopters), special events (record attempts), or some sort of competition as a focal point to attract jumpers from widely diverse regions
A gathering of skydivers, usually focused on fun rather than competition Big drop zones host several boogies a year, often on long holiday weekends
To leave, exit, as in "Lets boogie
boogie on down
to go (to a place or event)
a style of swing dance
a style of blues piano music
An energetic piano style derived from the formal and harmonic structure of the blues, but bright in mood and fast in tempo Plays on a pattern of eight eighth notes to the 4/4 bar (called eight to the bar style)
an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)
piano style derived from the formal and harmonic structure of the blues, but bright in mood and fast in tempo
{i} form of instrumental blues, jazz piano style
A style of jazz piano characterized by a repeated rhythmic and melodic pattern in the bass and a series of improvised variations in the treble
A style of jazz, typically played on piano, that uses a repeating left hand bass line pattern
full tilt boogie
at the most extreme level; at full capacity

I told myself, I'm going to die reaching these goals. I had to go full-tilt boogie, or I'd suck.

full tilt boogie
An extreme level

Within a year of his release, he'd OD'd on the full-tilt boogie.

Simple past and past participle of boogie
plural of boogie