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Hence, also said of some animals that have a bobtail, such as certain canines or nags
A tractor which performs without its trailer
To drive a truck or other vehicle without its trailer

W.C. Bergmann was supplementing his meager lamplighter's income by bobtailing… picking up laundry and cleaning in his horse drawn truck.

A short, or deliberately shortened tail
To drive a tractor without its trailer

He deposits his trailer at a Marten facility in nearby Stockton, and then drives without the trailer - that's called bobtailing.

(Spor) A tractor unit not pulling a trailer
Tractor operating without a trailer Also refers to straight truck
a short or shortened tail of certain animals having a short or shortened tail; "bobtail mare
{f} shorten, crop, cut short, dock; cut a tail short (on a horse or dog)
Tractor operating without a trailer
ragtag and bobtail ragtag
A truss type formed by truncating a normal triangular truss
a short or shortened tail of certain animals
Movement of a tractor, without trailer, over the highway
An animal (as a horse or dog) with a short tail
large sheepdog with a profuse shaggy blue-gray-and-white coat and short tail; believed to trace back to Roman occupation of Britain
a tractor without a trailer attached Also called a straight truck
{i} tail which has been cut short
having a short or shortened tail; "bobtail mare"
American Bobtail
A short-haired domestic cat breed originating in the United States. The breed has a genetic mutation, which caused a short tail
Japanese Bobtail
A domestic cat breed
plural of bobtail
third-person singular of bobtail
ragtag and bobtail
{i} mob, riffraff, ordinary people, hoi polloi, masses, rabble
ragtag and bobtail
The lowest social class; the rabble