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A leap year; A year having an extra day
Having an extra day (of a leap year)
Describing a leap year
{n} leap-year, every fourth year
Related to the extra day in a leap year
more than the excess of the real year
5 h
14 s
Pertaining to leap year
Hence, it is necessary to suppress the bissextile day at the end of every century which is not divisible by 400, while it is retained at the end of those which are divisible by 400
Leap year; every fourth year, in which a day is added to the month of February on account of the excess of the tropical year 365 d
{s} pertaining to a leap year
But one day added every four years is equivalent to six hours each year, which is 11 m
46 s
{i} leap year
48 m
above 365 days
bissextile month
a month with an extra day in a leap year
bissextile year
a year with an extra day, a leap year




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    () From Latin bisextilis (“containing an intercalary day”), from bisextus (“intercalary day”), from bis- (“two”) + sextus (“sixth”). In leap years there were two sixth days before March in the Roman calendar, thus the succession of days was ... 7 - 6 - 6* - 5 ...

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