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The general vicinity; somewhere close; a broad approximation

Some people say a lie is just a lie / But I say the cross is in the ballpark / Why deny the obvious, child?.

A field, stadium or park where ball, especially baseball, is played
Approximate; close; on the right order of magnitude
To make a rough estimate

If you don’t have the exact expense total, just ballpark it.

If something such as an amount or claim is in the ballpark, it is approximately right, but not exact. If you compare it to some of the other surveys that have been recently conducted, then it is in the general ballpark
{s} approximate, estimated
A ballpark figure or ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or estimate. I can't give you anything more than just sort of a ballpark figure Ballpark estimates indicate a price tag of $90 million a month
If you say that someone or something is in the ballpark, you mean that they are able to take part in a particular area of activity, especially because they are considered as good as others taking part. This puts them in the ballpark and makes them a major player
a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games); "take me out to the ballpark
{i} baseball stadium or field, park where baseball is played
A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played
The right general vicinity; somewhere close; a broad approximation
ballpark estimate
A ballpark figure, a very rough approximation
ballpark estimates
plural form of ballpark estimate
ballpark figure
An educated guess or estimation within acceptable bounds

No more stalling. Give me a ballpark figure of our projected losses.

ballpark figures
plural form of ballpark figure
ballpark frank
An oversized hotdog served at stadium games, particularly baseball, football, American football and rugby
ballpark figure
see: ballpark number
ballpark number
estimateapproximate rangeapproximately

ballpark figure.

hit one out of the ballpark
To hit a fair ball so well that the ball flies over all of the spectators' seats and lands outside the stadium
hit one out of the ballpark
To produce a spectacular achievement

The Canada Institute, part of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has hit one out of the ballpark with its Montreal fundraiser.

in the ballpark
In the same general vicinity (as); somewhat similar (to); typically construed with of
a ballpark figure
A number that is near the total; approximate figure
plural of ballpark