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الإنجليزية - التركية

İltica talebinde bulundum. - I've requested asylum.


Onlar körler için barınak inşa ettiler. - They built an asylum for the blind.

{i} sığınak
{i} himaye
sığınacak yer
sığınma yeri
akıl hastanesi

Tehlikeli bir suçlu, akıl hastanesinden kaçtı. - A dangerous criminal has escaped from the insane asylum.

Toplum, mahkumlar tarafından işletilen bir akıl hastanesidir. - Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.


Tom tımarhaneye gönderildi. - Tom was sent away to an insane asylum.

Mahkumlar tımarhaneyi ele geçirdi. - The inmates have taken over the asylum.

kimsesiz veya düşkünleri barındıran kurum
politik sığınma

Elçilik, yabancı mültecilere siyasi sığınmayı reddetti. - The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

oksüzler yurdu polit
düşkünler give asylum to barındırmak
{i} koruma
insane asylum akıl hastanesi
sığınak barinak
şifa yurdu
{i} sığınma

Atalarım siyasi sığınma bulmayı ümit etmişlerdi. - My ancestors hoped to find political asylum.

Siyasi sığınma talep ediyorum. - I'm requesting political asylum.

orphan asylum yetimhane
asylum request
(Politika, Siyaset) iltica başvurusu
asylum center
Sığınma merkezi
asylum law
mülteci yasası
asylum policy
(Politika, Siyaset) sığınma politikası
asylum seeker
(Askeri) sığınma isteyen kimse
asylum seeker
sığınma hakkı arayan kişi
asylum seeker
(Avrupa Birliği) sığınmacı

Almanya bu yıl yaklaşık bir buçuk milyon sığınmacı bekliyor. - Germany is expecting about 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

ask for asylum
sığınma talep etmek
extended asylum
(Politika, Siyaset) aileye bağlı iltica
political asylum
political asylum
(Politika, Siyaset) sığınma hakkı
insane asylum

Tom tımarhaneye gönderildi. - Tom was sent away to an insane asylum.

insane asylum
akıl hastanesi

Toplum, mahkumlar tarafından işletilen bir akıl hastanesidir. - Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

Tehlikeli bir suçlu, akıl hastanesinden kaçtı. - A dangerous criminal has escaped from the insane asylum.

lunatic asylum

Geçen yüzyılda onlar Tom gibi birini tımarhaneye atacaklardı. - Last century they would have just thrown someone like Tom into a lunatic asylum.

political asylum
siyasal iltica
right of asylum
sığınma hakkı
political asylum
siyasi sığınma
seek asylum
Bir başka ülkenin himayesini talep etmek
to execute the asylum procedure
iltica prosedürü çalıştırmak için
give s.o. asylum
pol. birine sığınma hakkı tanımak
lunatic asylum
akıl hastanesi
right of asylum
iltica hakkı
right of asylum
sığınma hakkı, iltica hakkı. right of eminent domain huk. istimlak hakkı
temporary asylum
(Kanun) geçici sığınma
the right of asylum
pol. sığınma hakkı
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
A place of protection or restraint for one or more classes of the disadvantaged, especially the mentally ill
The protection, physical and legal, afforded by such a place
A place of safety
{n} a refuge, sanctuary, retreat
A sanctuary or place of refuge and protection, where criminals and debtors found shelter, and from which they could not be forcibly taken without sacrilege
An asylum is a psychiatric hospital. Protection from arrest and extradition given to political refugees by a country or by an embassy that has diplomatic immunity. No one has a legal right to asylum, and the sheltering state, which has the legal right to grant asylum, is under no obligation to give it. It is thus a right of the state, not the individual. Its traditional use has been to protect those accused of political offenses such as treason, desertion, sedition, and espionage. Beginning in the 20th century, asylum also was granted to those who could demonstrate a significant risk of politically motivated persecution if they returned to their home countries
n political protection given by a government to a person from another country
If a government gives a person from another country asylum, they allow them to stay, usually because they are unable to return home safely for political reasons. He applied for asylum in 1987 after fleeing the police back home. = sanctuary
Somewhere one can go to find safety To offer asylum means to offer protection in a safe country to people who are in danger in their own country
the state of being allowed to remain in a foreign country because it would be dangerous to return to one's home country
means, literally, a place where pillage is forbidden (Greek, a (negative), sulon, right of pillage) The ancients set apart certain places of refuge, where the vilest criminals were protected, both from private and public assaults
An institution for the protection or relief of some class of destitute, unfortunate, or afflicted persons; as, an asylum for the aged, for the blind, or for the insane; a lunatic asylum; an orphan asylum
the position of surrogate protection provided by a state other than that of which a person is a national, by reason of the authorities in that person's home state persecuting that person or failing to protect him from persecution
The largest city on Ithria
Humanitarian permission to remain in the U S
a hospital or other institution for housing and possibly treating mentally ill patients
Any place of retreat and security
1 A sanctuary, or place of refuge, where criminals and debtors shelter themselves from justice, and from which they cannot be taken without sacrilege Temples and altars were anciently asylums; as were tombs, statues and monuments The ancient heathens allowed asylums for the protection of the vilest criminals; and the Jews had their cities of refuge 2 Any place of retreat and security
a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
{i} shelter, refuge; hospital for the mentally ill
a shelter from danger or hardship
(a·sy·lum) NOUN: An institution for the care and/or education of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who were thought to require organized supervision or special methods of assistance The word also suggests a sanctuary or refuge from the outside world By the late nineteenth century, institutions that began as asylums had changed their names from asylum to hospital, school, or institute
asylum seeker
Someone who flees their home country and seeks asylum in another; a refugee
asylum seekers
plural form of asylum seeker
asylum seeker
An asylum seeker is a person who is trying to get asylum in a foreign country. Fewer than 7% of asylum seekers are accepted as political refugees. someone who leaves their own country because they are in danger, especially for political reasons, and who asks the government of another country to allow them to live there refugee
asylum seeker
person who is seeking refuge
insane asylum
A facility designed where persons with serious mental disorders are housed
lunatic asylum
A facility designed where persons with serious mental disorders are housed
political asylum
The protection, by a sovereign state, of a person who is persecuted in his own country for his political opinions or activity
plural of asylum
insane asylum
mental hospital, hospital for the mentally ill
lunatic asylum
hospital for the insane
lunatic asylum
A lunatic asylum was a place where mentally disturbed people used to be locked up. a hospital where people who are mentally ill are cared for. This word is now considered to be offensive
political asylum
Political asylum is the right to live in a foreign country and is given by the government of that country to people who have to leave their own country for political reasons. a university teacher who is seeking political asylum in Britain. the right to stay in another country if you cannot live safely in your own country because of the political situation there
political asylum
arriving at a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the country one is escaping from
right of asylum
right to receive shelter, right to protection
right of asylum
The right of receiving protection within a foreign embassy or other place recognized by custom, law, or treaty