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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
To occur before an event or time; to exist further back in time
To assign a date to a document or action earlier than the actual date; to backdate
to assign or affix a date to earlier than the actual one
{v} to date a thing before the time
To date back; retroactively To date a document to a time before it was written
establish something as being earlier relative to something else
be earlier in time; go back further; "Stone tools precede bronze tools"
to come from an earlier time in history than something else = predate
{f} precede in time, predate; assign to a date prior to that of the actual occurrence
To precede in time
To date before the true time; to assign to an earlier date; thus, to antedate a deed or a bond is to give it a date anterior to the true time of its execution
Prior date; a date antecedent to another which is the actual date
To anticipate; to make before the true time
past of antedate
third-person singular of antedate
present participle of antedate