ambient light

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الإنجليزية - التركية
ortam ışığı
çevre ışığı
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Illumination present in the environment possibly surrounding a machine vision system but not supplied by the system
The light in a given area May be natural or man-made, but does not include direct or internal illumination
The diffuse light which provides uniform illumination over all surfaces of an object It essentially controls the brightness of an image
Existing light surrounding a subject; the light that is illuminating a scene without any additional light supplied by the photographer "Available light" and "existing light" are two other terms that mean the same thing
Non-directional illumination, all but eliminating shadow
The surrounding light within an environment
Electric and/or natural lighting
Available light falling on a scene
In three-dimensional graphics, light that reflects off one or more surfaces in the scene before arriving at the target surface Ambient light is assumed to be nondirectional, and is reflected uniformly in all directions by the reflecting surface In GL, ambient light is mocked up by use of ambient terms in the lighting equation, rather than actually computing the reflections
Electric and/or natural lighting throughout a space that produces uniform general illumination
The light around the viewing area Either around the computer display or the area where proofs are examined Variations in ambient light can greatly affect the appearance of proofs and of the image on the computer display
It's a non directional light , having equal intensity everywhere , and does not produce highlights or shadows Its natural equivalence is the light found at twilight
An amount of light of a specific color that is added to the illumination of all surfaces in a model
The general (and often undesireable) illumination surrounding the shooting or projection area; not exactly the same as Available Light or Natural Light
The available light completely surrounding a subject Light already existing in an indoor or outdoor setting that is not caused by any illumination supplied by the photographer Photographer: Anna Collins KINSA/KODAK Photo Contest Film: KODAK GOLD Plus 200 Film Size: 35 mm
A general description of available light that's not added by the photographer such as tungsten room light or daylight
(n ) A nondirectional illumination or surrounding light
- The natural light in a scene
General, absolute light of the environment that has no direction but shines equally on all polygons; natural illumination outside the model
surrounding light in an area
Light that exists everywhere without a particular source Ambient light does not cast shadows, but fills in the shadowed areas of a scene
Natural light that surrounds subject matter being photographed (ie there is no artificial light used to illuminate the subject )
ambient light


    am·bi·ent light

    التركية النطق

    ämbiınt layt


    /ˈambēənt ˈlīt/ /ˈæmbiːənt ˈlaɪt/

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