allocation of financial resources

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allocation of resources
(Askeri,Ticaret) kaynak dağılımı
allocation of resources
kaynakların tahsisi
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appropriation of funds
allocation of resources
the mechanics of investment; where one applies one's goods (for greatest possible future gain); how one disposes of one's resources (for greatest possible effect). Often used as a term in conjunction with economics
allocation of resources
Apportionment of productive assets among different uses. The issue of resource allocation arises as societies seek to balance limited resources (capital, labour, land) against the various and often unlimited wants of their members. Mechanisms of resource allocation include the price system in free-market economies and government planning, either in state-run economies or in the public sectors of mixed economies. The aim is always to allocate resources in such a way as to obtain the maximum possible output from a given combination of resources
allocation of financial resources


    al·lo·ca·tion of fi·nan·cial resources

    التركية النطق

    älıkeyşın ıv fınänşıl risôrsîz


    /ˌaləˈkāsʜən əv fəˈnansʜəl ˈrēsôrsəz/ /ˌæləˈkeɪʃən əv fəˈnænʃəl ˈriːsɔːrsɪz/

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