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الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
The American League
Alabama, a state of the United States of America
Alagoas, a state of Brazil
A diminutive of the male given names Alan, Albert, Alex, Alexander, Alfred, and other names beginning with Al-
country code for Albania
autograph letter
artificial life
other persons
assembly language
other things
state in the southeastern United States
A protocol that translates data into a format that can be interpreted by the ATM Cell
abbr Access Line
axial length ATR against-the-rule astigmatism
Action Level The concentration of a contaminant which, if found to be exceeded, will trigger further treatment or other procedures that the water system must follow to lower the level
One of two aliens that appeared in SailormoonR He disguised herself as Ginga Seijuurou and attended Juban Junior High School He had a crush on Tsukino Usagi
{i} male first name (form of Albert)
Is an acronym for the ICQ feature call Active List to create/join a group of individuals with the same interests
(Advanced Leader) - This award is given to those achieving the Competent Leader award, served a complete term as a District Officer, completed the High Performance Leadership Program, and served successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist
Exchangeable aluminum, i e aluminum that may be taken up by roots Aluminum in the soil solution is very toxic to plants The lower the pH, the more plant available aluminum is
all', alla, alle: To; used with other words, e g al Fine (to the end)
ANSI-labeled tape without user-label processing
a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
Action Level The concentration of a contaminant which, if exceeded, triggers treatment or other requirement, which a water system must follow
-The chemical symbol for aluminum
a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
malleable silvery metallic element used in alloys and in the manufacture of lightweight objects (Chemistry)
The Assistant Leader: This is a team role that is unique to the Therapeutic Spiral Model It was created to help manage the integration of group members into a TSM drama when they are triggered The AL directs all subscenes that are outside of the circle of safe experiencing
all', alla, alle - To; used with other words, e g al Fine (to the end)
stands for "Aluminum wire"
an East Indian tree HO - expresses surprise OX - a clumsy person
Annual Leave The Federal government has made provisions for authorized absence from work, usually through earned leave, for most of its employees Annual leave is earned on the basis of years of Federal service Full-time employees with 15 years or more of service earn 26 days of annual leave a year; those with three but less than 15 years earn 20 days; and those with less than three years earn 13 days
diminutive of Alan, Albert, Alex, Alexander and Alfred
Aluminum; a metal that is toxic to trees and fish
Autograph Letter, in the handwriting of the author but not signed (see ALS)
All; wholly; completely; as, almighty, almost
To; at; on; in OF
shortened to a-
Albania (in Internet addresses). The symbol for the element aluminum. written abbreviation for Alabama. Among Arab groups, a term denoting a tribe, clan, family, or other patrilineal filiation. It often refers to a ruling line or dynasty and generally precedes a substantive name (e.g., l Sad) but is not connected by a hyphen; it is unrelated to the Arabic definite article, al-. In Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, entries for Arab tribal and dynastic groups are alphabetized under the substantive (e.g., for l Sad, see Sad dynasty). Abu al Fath Jalal al Din Muhammad Akbar Al Jazair Muhi al Din Muhammad Abu Ali al Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina Zahir al Din Muhammad Khayr al Din Busra al Sham Al Qahirah Al Dawhah Abu al Qasim Mansur Al Jazirah Muhammad Shams al Din Hafiz Al Khalil Al Hijaz Mawlana Nur al Din Abd al Rahman ibn Ahmad Al Quds Al Qayrawan Al Uqsur Al Manamah Al Makkah Al Madinah Al Mawsil Al Nasirah Jalal al Din al Rumi Sa al Hajar Salah al Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub Saud ibn Abd al Aziz al Faysal Al Saud tarabulus al Sham tarabulus al Gharb Abd al Malik ibn Marwan Abd al Mu'min ibn Ali Abd al Rahman III Abd al Samad Abd Allah ibn Muhammad al Tai'ishi Muhammad ibn Abd al Karim al KhaTTabi Abu Hanifah al Numan ibn Thabit al Khwarizmi Muhammad ibn Musa al Khwarizmi Aziz al Din Alamgir II al Muwahhidun Unitarians al MurabiTun Amr ibn al As Muhammad Abd al Rauf al Qudwah al Husayni Ashari Abu al Hasan al Assad Hafiz al Azhar University al Banna' Hasan al barzakh al Basrah Al Biqa Valley Al Al Bekaa Biruni al Bukhari Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Ismail al Capp Al Dayr al Bahri Deir al Bahri Al Bahr al Mayyit Al Furat Fakhr al Din al Razi Faruq al Awwal Ghannouchi Rachid al Rashid al Ghannushi Bahr al Ghazal Al Jawlan Gore Al Wadi al Kabir Hajjaj ibn Yusuf al Thaqafi al Hallaj al Hawr al Hammar Harun al Rashid Hasan al Basri al Abu Said ibn Abi al Hasan Yasar al Basri Jabal al Shaykh Hirah Al Husayn ibn Ali al Husayni Amin al Ibn al Arabi Abu Zayd Abd al Rahman ibn Khaldun Abd al Aziz ibn Abd al Rahman ibn Faysal Al Sidi Muhammad Idris al Mahdi al Sanusi Ikhwan al Safa' ilm al hadith Islambuli Khalid al Bahr al Jabal Jamal al Din al Afghani Jazeera Al al Jazirah Jili al Jizah Al Jolson Al Kharj Al Khidr al Kindi al Yakub ibn Ishaq al Sabah al Kindi Battle of Al Uqab Lat al Ma'mun al Madani Abbasi al Mahdi al Muhammad Ahmad ibn al Sayyid Abd Allah Al Maktum Maktum family Bab al Mandab Muhasibi al Al Ikhwan al Muslimun Mutanabbi Abu al tayyib Ahmad ibn Husayn al Nahdah Hizb al Al Nahyan Nahyan family Nasir al Din Shah Jamal Abd al Nasir Bahr al Nil Nizam al Mulk Nur al Hilmi Burhanuddin bin Muhammad Nuri al Said Qaddafi Muammar al Muammar al Qadhdhafi Qaeda al al Qaidah Qasimi Sheikh SulTan ibn Muhammad al Razi al Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al Razi Rub al Khali Al Saud Saud family Said ibn Yusuf al Fayyumi Al Sabah Sabah family Sadr Musa al Safi al Din Sharani al Abd al Wahhab ibn Ahmad Shafii Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Idris al Shatt al Arab Shubra al Khaymah tabari al Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Jarir al tabari tahTawi Rifaah Rafi al Takfir wa al Hijrah Al Thani Thani family Turabi Hasan al Umar ibn al KhaTTab al Hajj Umar ibn Said Tal Unser Bobby and Al Wahhab Muhammad ibn Abd al Yasin Abd al Salam Abd al Qadir ibn Muhyi al Din ibn MusTafa al Hasani al Jazairi Ahsa'i Ahmad al Shaykh Ahmad ibn Zayn al Din Ibrahim al Ahsai Abu al Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Rushd Lajnat al Difa an al Huquq al Shariyyah Farabi al Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn tarkhan ibn Uzalagh al Farabi Harakat al Tahrir al WaTani al FilasTini Palestine National Liberation Movement Ghazali al Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al tusi al Ghazali al Ghazzali Harakat al Muqawimah al Islamiyyah Islamic Resistance Movement Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Abd Allah al Lawati al tanji ibn BaTTuTah Ghiyath al Din Abu al Fath Umar ibn Ibrahim al Neyshaburi al Khayyami Munazzamat al Tahrir al FilasTiniyyah Sanusi al Sidi Muhammad ibn Ali al Sanusi al Mujahiri al Hasani al Idrisi Suhrawardi al al Maqtul Shihab al Din Yahya ibn Habash ibn Amirak al Suhrawardi
Indian mulberry
The Arabic definite article answering to the English the; as, Alkoran, the Koran or the Book; alchemy, the chemistry
Although; if
التركية - التركية
Aldatma, düzen, tuzak, hile: "Al ile aslan tutulur, güç ile sıçan tutulmaz."- Atasözü
Eski Türkler'in karlı ve veya yüksek yerler için kullandıkları söz. Aynı zamanda beyaz anlamına da gelir
White (in old Turkic)

Allı dağlar yücedir.

(Hukuk) Evlat, sülale
Alüminyum'un kısaltması
Yüze sürülen pembe düzgün, allık
Bu renkte olan
Büyük bölümü ipekten dokunan kırmızı renkli örtü veya mendil
Dorunun açığı, kızıla çalan (at donu)
Aldatma, düzen, tuzak, hile
Alüminyum elementinin simgesi
Bayrak kumaşı
Kanın rengi, kızıl, kırmızı
Kolun bilekten aşağı kısmı
Hile, düzen
Yüze sürülen pembe düzgün
Aldatma, oyun, düzen
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Yaz sıcaklarında su gibi görünen serap
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Sülâle, soy, hânedan. Akrabâ ve taallukat
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Hile, tuzak
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Peygamberimizin âilesine mensup olanlar


    علم أصول الكلمات

    (prefix.) {abbreviation} * from Latin alius (“others”). * (noun) From Hindi.

    كلمة اليوم