air pump

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A pump that moves air either into, or out of, something
A pump which is used to deliver air to the aquarium The pump pushes air through silicon tubing and to air stones or other aquatic decor They are also an essential for UGF's (undergravel filters) An air stone is placed in each clear tube When the air bubbles travel upward, they generate steady current which brings water from the bottom, through the tubes and to the surface (444)
Belt-driven pump that provides input for the air injection system
The device that supplies the fresh air needed by the air-injection system
An emission control device on your engine that pumps air into the exhaust system so the catalytic converter can "reburn" pollutants out of the exhaust
a pump that moves air in or out of something
Many emissions systems include an air pump, which pumps fresh air into a vehicle's exhaust to help complete the combustion process and reduce emissions
A pump which supplies air for lift tubes, skimmers, bubblers, etc The most common type are diaphragm pumps, though cylinder pumps are available for large installations
A pump used to exhaust from a condenser the condensed steam, the water used for condensing, and any commingled air
A kind of pump for exhausting air from a vessel or closed space; also, a pump to condense air or force it into a closed space
(Otomotiv) A device that pumps air into the exhaust system to cut down on the level of unburned fuel in the exhaust
A pump for compressing, removing, or forcing a flow of air. a piece of equipment used to put air into something
device which uses suction to move air
air pumps
plural form of air pump
{n} a machine to draw air out of vessels
air pump