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Verdi'nin ünlü bir operası
Guiseppe Verdi'nin ünlü bir operası
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A female given name in quiet use since the 1870s
Stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action This is a historical model of how advertising works, by first getting the consumer's attention, then their interest, etc
{i} opera written by Verdi; character of an Ethiopian princess in the opera
A persuasive sequence used in advertisements: attention, interest, desire and action p 499
Most popular formula for the preparation of direct mail copy The letters stand for (get) Attention, (arouse) Interest, (stimulate) Desire, (ask for) Action
The Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association, which oversees the running of the Easter, Australasian and Womens IVs
The most common cross-stitch fabric, it is woven in such a manner to make every square even Available in a variety of gauges from 6 through 18 count There are a wide variety of styles, including regular Aida cloth, Hearthstone and Klostern Some of the top manufacturers of Aida cloth are Zweigart, Charles Craft, and Wichelt
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action In real estate advertising, creating ads that get the Attention of prospects, stimulating their Interest in a property, generate a Desire to purchase, and motivating the prospect to take Action
Australian Indonesia Development Area
A mnemonic for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, denoting the progressive steps of customer reaction in the process of making a sale Dates from the late nineteenth century Source: Kamwords
The most commonly used type of fabric for counted cross-stitch There are many varieties Blocks of thread are woven (blockweave) together leaving obvious holes for stitching
Agricultural Income Disaster Assistance AMS Aggregate Measure of Support
Agricultural income disaster assistance

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    /īˈēdə/ /aɪˈiːdə/

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    () From Italian Aida, made famous by the opera.

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