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الإنجليزية - التركية
(Askeri) amfibi kuvvet (amphibious force)
bk. Auto-Focus
الإنجليزية - الإنجليزية
Air Force
As fuck
is the acronym for ash free and is used to characterize the ultimate analysis
Soil Adherence Factor to skin, mg/cm2
(Land Status Records) Air Force
Air Force AMS - Aeronautical Material Specification AN - Air Force and Navy AND - Air Force-Navy Design ARP - Aircraft Recommended Practice AS - Aeronautical Standard Rad Radius ASD - Aeronautical Systems Division ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials CS or W - Cross-Section °C - Degrees Celsius Dia - Diameter fpm - Feet per minute; fpm = shaft die x rpm x 26 ID - Inside Diameter JIC - Joint Industry Conference on Hydraulic Standards for Industrial Equipment MIL - Military Specification MS - Military Standard OD - Outside Diameter psi - Pounds per square inch RMS - Root-mean-square; average value of surface roughness measured in microinches Spec - Specification USAF - United States Air Force
Audio frequency
Agri-Food One of BBSRC's seven funding committees
the study of society that focuses on the meanings people attach to their social world
Actual Finish date
Armed Forces
appropriated funds
Airway Facilities (FAA)
  Abbreviation for audio frequency
Architectural Forms
CRS Added phone
Autoframed See Autoframe
Autofocus - when the camera is pointed at an object, the lens will automatically focus on the subject This function (SLRs) can be activated usually by depressing the exposure button half way
Alternative Frequencies List of the frequencies of the broadcast used for swap
Afghanistan (in Internet addresses)
Acre-Feet (or Acre-Foot)
Total of all funding sources
Airways Facilities