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Türkçe - İngilizce
İngilizce - İngilizce
An AGA cooker
{n} a high or chief Turkish military officer
A non-profit association representing the post-fabrication hot-dip galvanizing industry
American Gas Association Major natural gas industry trade association, based in Alexandria, Virginia AGA conducts technical research and helps create standards for equipment and products involved in every facet of the natural gas industry It also compiles statistics which are considered industry standards
title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey)
Advanced Graphics Architecture This is a new feature to Amiga emulation but has been around for quite a while The AGA chipset allows upto 16 million colours on screen and very fast frame rates during gameplay AGA is the most advanced feature of the Amiga and is very hard to emulate and master
American Gas Association An association that represents 181 local natural gas utilities that deliver gas to 54 million homes and businesses across the nation The AGA is a clearinghouse for gas energy information and a catalyst in technical and energy policy matters www aga org
Association of Government Accountants
{i} trademark of both a cooking and a large heating iron stove (British); Islamic title for a military commander or important officer; Turkish chief
a type of cooker made of solid iron, which is similar in design to the types of cooker that people used to have in the past.They are popular with middle class people who live in the country
American Gas Association
Australian Gas Association
Abbreviation for American Gas Association, Inc
It is used also as a title of respect
In Turkey, a commander or chief officer
alternative spelling of agha
AGA cooker
a heavy cast iron stored-heat cooker, popular in medium to large country houses
AGA cookers
plural form of AGA cooker
Aga saga
a genre of popular novel set in a suburban or rural location and featuring domestic and emotional themes of middle-class characters
Aga Khan
an Arab leader who is the head of a Muslim group called the Ismailis. He is extremely rich and is famous for owning many racehorses (1936- ). Persian gh Khn or q Khn Title of the imams of the Nizr Ismil sect of Shite Islam. The title was first granted in 1818 to asan Al Shah (1800-81) by the shah of Iran. As Aga Khan I, he later revolted against Iran (1838) and, defeated, fled to India. His eldest son, Al Shah (d. 1885), was briefly Aga Khan II. Al Shah's son Sultan Sir Moammed Shah (1877-1957) became Aga Khan III. He acquired a leading position among India's Muslims, served as president of the All-India Muslim League, and played an important part in the Round Table conferences on Indian constitutional reform (1930-32); in 1937 he was appointed president of the League of Nations. He chose as his successor his grandson Karm al-usayn Shah (b. 1937), who, as Aga Khan IV, became a strong leader; he founded the Aga Khan Foundation, an international philanthropic organization, and other agencies offering educational and other services
Türkçe - Türkçe
bakınız ağa
Mert, kalender ve babacan kimse
İngilizce - Türkçe
being an aga