English - Turkish

  1. osmiyum
  2. osmium Tıp
  3. (os) osmiyum Nükleer Bilimler
  4. Os sembolü ile bilinen, atom no: 76 ve atom ağırlığı: 190.2 olan kimyasal element, osmiyum Tıp
  5. (isim) osmiyum

English - English

  1. a heavy metallic chemical element (symbol Os) with an atomic number of 76
  2. A rare metallic element of the platinum group, found native as an alloy in platinum ore, and in iridosmine
  3. It is a hard, infusible, bluish or grayish white metal, and the heaviest substance known
  4. Its tetroxide is used in histological experiments to stain tissues
  5. a hard brittle blue-gray or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals; the heaviest metal known
  6. Specific gravity 22
  7. Atomic weight 191
  8. Symbol Os
  9. bluish-white metallic element of the platinum group that is often used in the manufacturing of pen tips and ball bearings isim
  10. osmio- osmium.

Turkish - English

  1. os
  2. osmium Tıp


About This Word

    Pronunciation /ˈäzmēəm/ /ˈɑːzmiːəm/
    Etymology [ 'äz-mE-&m ] (noun.) 1804. From Ancient Greek ὀσμή (“smell”) (because of the strong smell of its oxide) + '-ium'
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