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Definition of nuked in English Turkish dictionary

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  1. argo atom bombas : nuke
  2. nükleer reaktör isim : nuke
  3. nükleer silah : nuke
  4. nükleer silahla saldırmak : nuke
  5. Mikrodalga fırında pişirmek 1. "Don't nuke an egg. It will explode in the microwave." 2. "If I can't finish my dinner at a restaurant, I just take it home and nuke it when I want to eat it." 3. "The best way to heat up food is to nuke it.". : nuke
  6. atom bombası : nuke
  7. atom bombası ile tahrip etmek : nuke
  8. irc de karsı tarafın bilgisayarına zarar veren programların tümüne verilen ortak ad : nuke
  9. (fiil) atom bombası ile tahrip etmek : nuke
  10. i., k.dili. atom bombası. f. -e atom bombası atmak : nuke
  11. ABD : nuke
English - English

Definition of nuked in English English dictionary

  1. past of nuke
  2. Related Terms
  3. A microwave oven "Just put it in the nuke for two minutes and then eat it.". : nuke
  4. Nuclear weapon "I can buy nukes on the black market for $40 million each" - John Travolta in the movie Swordfish. : nuke
  5. Nuclear electrical power generation station. http: // : nuke
  6. Something that negates - especially on a catastrophic scale. Destruction : nuke
  7. To completely destroy To try to hide his posting history on Usenet, he had his posts nuked from the Google archives. (see also expunge). : nuke
  8. To cook food or beverages in a microwave oven I'll nuke some pizza for dinner. : nuke
  9. To use a nuclear weapon on a target First they nuked Hiroshima, then Nagasaki. : nuke
  10. Nuclear electrical power generation station : nuke
  11. of nuclear weapons sıfat : nuke
  12. strike at with firepower or bombs; "zap the enemy : nuke
  13. If one country nukes another, it attacks it using nuclear weapons. He wanted to nuke the area. a nuclear weapon : nuke
  14. Nuke refers to an ISP cancelling a user's account A nuke is a victory - score one for the good guys : nuke
  15. A nuke is a nuclear weapon. They have nukes, and if they're sufficiently pushed, they'll use them : nuke
  16. attack with nuclear weapons (slang); send a special message through the Internet in order to cause damage to the destination computer (usually through chat); cook in a microwave fiil : nuke
  17. nuclear weapon; sending of a special message through the Internet that is designed to cause damage to the destination computer (usually through chat) isim : nuke
  18. A Nuke is a faked ICMP packet sent to your client connection which makes it think it lost it's connection, thus you are disconnected : nuke
  19. strike at with firepower or bombs; "zap the enemy" : nuke
  20. bomb with atomic weapons : nuke
  21. cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the left-overs" : nuke
  22. the warhead of a missile designed to deliver an atom bomb : nuke
  23. to intentionally delete the entire contents of a given directory, hard drive, or storage volume : nuke
  24. Though Deja News would like to index all articles for future perusal, we understand that at times there are articles that people might want removed from our archives Our policy for doing this is simple: we allow the article's author to remove (or nuke) their articles at will : nuke
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