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kurgusal olmayan düzyazı
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Written works intended to give facts, or true accounts of real things and events. Often used attributively Encyclopedias, how-to manuals and biographies are all considered nonfiction and so are kept in the nonfiction section.
literature that is not fictional
prose writing that is not fictional
{i} factual literary work, story which is not fictional
A piece designed to explain, argue, or describe a real event
A historically accurate narrative The content is taken strictly from fact
is prose designed primarily to explain, argue, or describe rather than entertain For the most part its emphasis is factual
Also known as an "informational book," writing in which the author retells the events of history with minimal embellishment, passes on knowledge, or presents activities or experiments
nonfiction novel
A factual or historical narrative written in the form of a novel: Truman Capote's In Cold Blood is a nonfiction novel