İngilizce - Türkçe çeviri
debride etmek
/dɨˈbrid/add into favorites
Etymology: [ di-'brEd-m&nt, dA-, -"m&au ] (noun.) circa 1842. French débridement, from débrider to remove adhesions, literally, to unbridle, from Middle French desbrider, from des- de- + bride bridle, from Middle High German brIdel; more at BRIDLE.
2 To remove necrotic tissue or foreign matter from (a wound or the like)
3 to excise or remove devitalized or dead tissue and foreign matter from a wound
4 Removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue
5 Cleaning an open wound by removing foreign material and dead tissue
6 removal of unwanted tissue around a traumatic or infected lesion until surrounding healthy tissue is exposed