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English - Turkish

Definition of transmitancia in English Turkish dictionary

    Releted Terms
  1. transmitans : transmittance
  2. iletme : transmittance
Spanish - English

Definition of transmitancia in Spanish English dictionary

  1. transmittance, transmission
English - English

Definition of transmitancia in English English dictionary

    Releted Terms
  1. The fraction of the incident light that passes through an object : transmittance
  2. The portion of radiation passing through a glazing to that which is incident upon it : transmittance
  3. the ratio of the radiant energy transmitted through a substance to the total radiant energy incident on its surface : transmittance
  4. The percentage of radiation that can pass through glazing Transmittance can be defined for different types of light or energy, e g , visible light transmittance, UV transmittance, or total solar energy transmittance : transmittance
  5. The ratio of energy transmitted by a body to that incident on it : transmittance
  6. The ratio of transmitted flux to incident flux : transmittance
  7. a transmission : transmittance
  8. Transmission : transmittance
  9. the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance : transmittance
  10. The fraction (or percentage) of the thermal energy received at a given location after passage through the atmosphere relative to that which would have been received at the same location if no atmosphere were present : transmittance
  11.   The ratio of the transmitted power to the incident power (188)  Note 1: In optics, transmittance is usually expressed as optical density or in percent   Note 2: Transmittance was formerly called "transmission " : transmittance
  12. the fraction of initial light from a light source that is transmitted through the atmosphere Light is attenuated by scattering and absorption from gases and particles : transmittance
  13. (sol) (meas) The ratio of the RADIANT ENERGY transmitted through a substance to the total radiant energy falling on its surface Transmittance is always affected by the thickness and composition of the substance, as well as by the INCIDENT ANGLE F - facteur de transmission S - transmision : transmittance
  14. The ratio of transmitted radiant energy to incident radiant energy, or the fraction of light that passes through a medium : transmittance
  15. the fraction or percent of a particular frequency or wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that passes through a substance without being absorbed or reflected : transmittance
  16. The total light transmitted by a system, usually given for normal incidence This is the quantity most easily measured, although it is not the most convenient to work with mathematically (See Section 4 1 2, Calc and Rcalc, in Chapter 4 for information on computing transmissivity from transmittance ) : transmittance
  17. A measured quantity; the ratio of energy transmitted by a material to total incident radiation : transmittance
  18. The ratio of the radiant flux transmitted by a medium or a body to the incident flux See transmission coefficient The transmittance T of radiant flux through a medium of thickness x is related to the transmission coefficient τ of the medium by T = &tau : transmittance
  19. The fraction of the light that passes through an object : transmittance
  20. transmission, transference; relaying, conveyance; fraction of energy which passes through a body without being absorbed isim : transmittance
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