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English - Turkish
(Bilgisayar) araç bilgisi
(Bilgisayar) araç ipucu
tooltip text
(Bilgisayar) araç ipucu metni
English - English
An element of a graphical user interface in the form of a box of text that appears when a cursor is made to hover over an item; normally used to explain the function of the item
A ToolTip is a descriptive label that appears when the mouse pointer is held over a tool
A standard Windows control that provides a small pop-up window that provides descriptive text such as a label, for a control or graphic object
A brief description of a screen object ToolTips appear when you position the mouse pointer over objects
{i} pop-up window containing additional options or information that appears when the mouse is positioned over a particular link (Computers)
A short message that is displayed when the user moves the mouse cursor over an item on the screen Extremely useful for identifying the purpose of icons
A ToolTip is a descriptive text box that appears when the mouse pointer is held over a tool, button or other object
Small popup window providing descriptive text (a small label) for a control or graphic object
the online information which appears briefly when the pointing device is located over some areas, labels, fields or buttons in the application window of a product
Little box which pops up to tell the user what some part of a web page or an application screen does or is about It usually has small black letters on a yellow background



    () tool +‎ tip, originally used with toolbars to provide a tip or hint as to what function each graphical icon represented. The term was introduced by Microsoft circa Windows 95|Windows 95]].

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