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  1. alternate Jeoloji ardalanmak

English - English

  1. every second one of a series; "the cleaning lady comes on alternate Wednesdays"; "jam every other day"- the White Queen alternate
  2. reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action) alternate
  3. be an understudy or alternate for a role alternate
  4. exchange people temporarily to fulfill certain jobs and functions alternate
  5. allowing a choice; "an alternative plan" alternate
  6. occurring by turns; first one and then the other; "alternating feelings of love and hate" alternate
  7. The arrangement of leaves along a stem where consecutive leaves alternate along different sides of the stem Taken together, all of the leaves plus the stem lie in roughly the same geometric plane In winter (after leaf drop for deciduous plants), the arrangement can be determined by looking at the leaf scars or buds on the dormant twigs alternate
  8. Arranged singly at different points along a stem or axis alternate
  9. of leaves and branches etc; first on one side and then on the other in two ranks along an axis; not paired; "stems with alternate leaves" alternate
  10. go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions alternate
  11. someone who takes the place of another person alternate
  12. Alternate actions, events, or processes regularly occur after each other. They were streaked with alternate bands of colour. + alternately al·ter·nate·ly He could alternately bully and charm people alternate
  13. When you alternate two things, you keep using one then the other. When one thing alternates with another, the first regularly occurs after the other. Her aggressive moods alternated with gentle or more co-operative states The three acts will alternate as headliners throughout the tour Now you just alternate layers of that mixture and eggplant The band alternated romantic love songs with bouncy dance numbers. + alternation alternations al·ter·na·tion The alternation of sun and snow continued for the rest of our holiday alternate
  14. interchange, take turns, rotate, substitute fiil alternate
  15. If something happens on alternate days, it happens on one day, then happens on every second day after that. In the same way, something can happen in alternate weeks, years, or other periods of time. Lesley had agreed to Jim going skiing in alternate years alternate
  16. You use alternate to describe a plan, idea, or system which is different from the one already in operation and can be used instead of it. His group was forced to turn back and take an alternate route. = alternative alternate
  17. an alternate lifestyle. if two things alternate, or if you alternate them, they happen one after the other in a repeated pattern alternate between alternate
  18. Alternate is sometimes used, especially in American English, instead of alternative in meanings 3, 4, and alternate
  19. An alternate is a person or thing that replaces another, and can act or be used instead of them. In most jurisdictions, twelve jurors and two alternates are chosen = substitute alternate
  20. rotating, one after the other; interchanging sıfat alternate

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