English - Turkish

  1. yenmek (zap)
  2. yüzleşme (zap)
  3. yüzlemek (zap)
  4. gidivermek (zap)
  5. Bom! (zap)
  6. vuruş/enerji (zap)
  7. atla/bombardıman et (zap)
  8. enerji (zap)
  9. sil (zap)
  10. hücum etmek fiil (zap)
  11. gebertmek fiil (zap)
  12. vurmak fiil (zap)
  13. kanal değiştirmek fiil (zap)
  14. TV kanal değiştirmek, zapping/zaping yapmak, zaplamak fiil (zap)
  15. ateş ederek öldürmek, öldürmek fiil (zap)
  16. öldürmek fiil (zap)

English - English

  1. A search engine introduced by Microsoft in 2009
  2. A surname of Old English origin and unknown meaning
  3. A male given name transferred from the surname; also a nickname for Bingley, Bingham, etc
  4. The sound made by a bell, an onomatopœia
  5. A heap or pile, such as a slag heap
  6. : Prison solitary confinement, a term used by inmates
  7. Austrian-born British impresario who managed (1950-1972) the Metropolitan Opera in New York City
  8. A heap or pile; as, a bing of wood

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    Tenses: binging, binged
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