English - Turkish

  1. su
  2. (isim) su
  3. aqua fortis kezzap
  4. nitrik asit
  5. deniz mav Bilgisayar
  6. aqua vitae alkol
  7. sert içki
  8. su, mayi Anatomi
  9. sıvı Tıp
  10. Su (H2O) Tıp
  11. aqua regia kezzap ile tuz ruhu bileşiminden meydana gelen altın eritmeye mahsus bir sıvı
  12. ispirto

English - English

  1. The compound water
  2. A shade of colour, usually a mix of green and blue similar to the colour turquoise - "aqua colour:"
  3. Of a greenish-blue colour
  4. Water raptor Thief
  5. Water; an Aqueous solution A prefix meaning water, e g , Aquaculture
  6. Water exercise is great for the entire body Being in the water takes pressure off all of the joints and reduces body weight by 90% This class is seasonal and is done in the outdoor pool
  7. a shade of blue tinged with green
  8. A light greenish-blue color
  9. Non-Water Pokémon that can learn Water attacks
  10. more water
  11. For Mac OS X, what is Aqua?
  12. whisky
  13. The graphical user interface for Mac OS X
  14. The new graphical interface for Mac OS X, with a colorful translucent feel Aqua introduces an interleaved window layering scheme, where Mac OS 9 is single layered
  15. Prefix meaning water
  16. a light greenish blue
  17. Danish pop dance band isim
  18. Drain the voltage of the FBI lock-in-trace/trap-trace
  19. Aqua is the same as the colour aquamarine. floor-length curtains in restful aqua and lavender colours
  20. Water; a word much used in pharmacy and the old chemistry, in various signification, determined by the word or words annexed
  21. water; fluid; lotion; pale greenish-blue color isim
  22. plural of aqua aquae


About This Word

    Pronunciation /ˈakwə, ˈäkwə/ /ˈækwə, ˈɑːkwə/
    Etymology [ 'ä-kw& also 'a ] (noun.) 14th century. From Latin aqua, from a Proto-Indo-European *akʷā-, whence also Old English ǽ (“river”).
    Synonyms aquamarine
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