English - Turkish

  1. çekiciliği olmayan
  2. eşeysiz
  3. seksi olmayan
  4. cazibesiz
  5. ne erkek ne dişi özellği gösteren, cinsiyetsiz Tıp
  6. cinsiyetsiz/cazibesiz
  7. cinsiyet (sex)
  8. cinsel ilişki (sex)
  9. cinsellik (sex)
  10. seks (sex)
  11. cinsel sıfat (sex)
  12. seksin (sex)
  13. cinsiyetini belirlemek fiil (sex)
  14. eşey (sex)
  15. cins (sex)
  16. cinsel istek uyandıran (sex)
  17. altı (sex)
  18. ekalliyet (sex)
  19. önek alt (sex)
  20. Cinsiyet, cinsiyet, cinslik, erkeklik veya dişilik Tıp (sex)
  21. sexless eşeysiz (sex)
  22. (fiil) cinsiyetini belirlemek (sex)
  23. cinsiyetine bak (sex)
  24. cinsiyetsiz (sex)
  25. cinsliksiz (sex)
  26. sex appeal cinsi cazibe (sex)
  27. cinslik (sex)
  28. seksapel (sex)
  29. cinsiyetsiz bir biçimde (sexlessly)

English - English

  1. Not having any sexual relations - "2006 has been a relatively sexless year so far."
  2. Not having a gender; neuter
  3. Not having a gender
  4. having no sexual desire
  5. genderless, having no sex, neuter; having no sexual desires or feelings; not sexually attractive, lacking sex appeal sıfat
  6. Having no sex
  7. sexually unattractive
  8. If you describe a person as sexless, you mean that they have no sexual feelings or that they are not sexually active. A sexless relationship does not involve sex. Malcolm is a brilliant but frustrated surgeon who is married to a neurotic and sexless woman
  9. having no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs
  10. sexually unattractive having no sexual desire
  11. ass - "I’m going to go down to the bar and try to get me some ass." (Sex.)
  12. Women; womankind - "She was fond of him, too, for he had a remarkable gentleness and courtesy in his dealings with women. He disliked and distrusted the sex, but he was always a chivalrous opponent." (sex)
  13. Genitalia; a penis or vagina (sex)
  14. Either of two main divisions (either female or male) into which many organisms can be placed, according to reproductive function or organs - "The abnormality is found in both sexes." (sex)
  15. To determine the biological sex of an animal - "It is not easy to sex lizards." (sex)
  16. The distinguishing property, quality, or assemblage of properties by which organisms are classified as female or male on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions; the set of properties by which male is distinguished from female - "The researchers divided the subjects by sex." (sex)
  17. Sexual intercourse; the act of sexual intercourse - "We had sex in the back seat." (sex)
  18. To have sex with - "OK, so I'm sexin' her, right, and all I can think of is this other girl." (sex)
  19. In a sexless manner, or in a way that lacks sex appeal (sexlessly)
  20. cooch (Sex)
  21. Ah, that made your eyes light up, didn't it?? There's no other reason I put that word in here than to just test a theory about how people react when they see it Come on admit it you're disappointed with the definition now, aren't you? (sex)
  22. 1 Male 2 Female (sex)
  23. Indicates the sex of the employee Values (sex)
  24. tell the sex (of young chickens) (sex)
  25. Women, womankind (sex)
  26. six, sext, sixth, sexten, sixteen (sex)
  27. The act of sexual intercourse (sex)
  28. Either of two main divisions (either male or female) into which many organisms can be placed, according to reproductive function or organs (sex)
  29. six (sex)
  30. identifies the biological differences between women and men (sex)


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