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Tenses: reviews, reviewing, reviewed

aerial review
after action report;..
Armed Forces Identif..
bill of review
board of review
book review
book review page
budget review
business review
command relationship..
configuration review..
constitutional revi..
contracting agency r..
critical review
design review
for review
graphical evaluation..
institutional review..
intelligence program..
intelligence review
internal review
Joint Monthly Readin..
Joint Requirements O..
joint review group
joint strategy revie..
judicial review
keep the matter unde..
law review
literary review
literature review
review abstracting
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Etymology: [ ri-vyü ] (noun.) 15th century. From Middle French reveue (French: revue), feminine past participle of reveeir (French: revoir), from Latin revidere.
Synonyms: analysis, another look, audit, check, checkup, drill, file, fresh look, inspection, march past, once-over, parade, procession, reassessment, recapitulation, reconsideration, reflection, report, rethink
Antonyms: ignore, neglect, approve, praise
1 gözden geçirmek  fiil
2 yeniden inceleme  isim
3 eleştirmek
4 yeniden gözden geçirme  Mukavele
5 yeniden incelemek
6 eleştiri yazısı
7 ders tekrarı
8 eleştiri  isim
9 mecmua  Ticaret
10 bir bakışta kavramak
11 denetim
12 denetim yapmak
13 bir daha gözden geçirme  Ticaret
14 bir daha incelemek  Arılık
15 tekrar gözden geçirme
16 muhasebesini yapmak
17 kitap eleştirisi
18 yeniden gözatmak
19 yeniden gözden geçirmek
20 tören denetlemesi  Askeri
21 derleme  Arılık
22 dergi
23 gözdengeçirme  Bilgisayar
24 geçit töreni
25 yeniden göz atmak
26 teftiş etmek
27 incelemek
28 inceleme
29 teftiş
30 revü
31 geçmişi anmak
32 geçmişi düşünmek
33 kritik
34 revizyon
35 kritiğini yapmak
36 detayları ile görmek
37 tekrar gözden geçirmek
38 tekrar etmek (ders)  fiil
39 gözden geçir
40 1. tekrar gözden geçirmek, yeniden  fiil
41 araştırma  isim
42 edebiyat ve fikir dergisi  isim
43 tekrar (ders)  isim
44 TÖREN DENETLEMESİ:Bir teşkilin resmen denetlenmesi  Askeri
45 gözden geçir,v.incele:n.inceleme
46 bir davanın temyiz mahkemesince yeniden incelenmesi
47 temyiz mahkemesi
48 court of review yargıtay
49 edebiyat ve fikir mecmuası
50 pass in review geçit
51 mahkeme karar
52 göz atmak
53 eleştiri yazmak
54 değerlendirmek
55 değerlendirme
56 gözden geçirme  Nükleer Bilimler
57 bir daha inceleme
58a review bir inceleme
59reviews değerlendirmeler
60reviewed kontrol edilmiş
61reviewed eleştirdi
62reviewed gözden geçirilmiş
63reviewer eleştirici
64reviewer eleştirmen
65reviewer gözden geçiren
66reviewer tenkit yazarı
67reviewer kitap eleştirmeni
68reviewing inceliyor
69reviews incelemeler
70reviews gözden geçirmeler
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71 A periodical which makes a survey of the arts or some other field - "The Times Literary Review is published in London."
72 A military inspection or display for the benefit of superiors or VIPs - "The troops assembled for a review by the Queen."
73 A forensic inspection to assess compliance with regulations or some code - "The regulators demanded a review against NYSE practices."
74 A survey of the available items or material - "The magazine contained a review of Paris restaurants."
75 A stage show made up of sketches etc - "The Cambridge Footlights Review launched many Monty Python faces."
76 A second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact - "I need to make a review of the book before I can understand it."
77 A judicial reassessment of a case or an event - "The victims demanded a full judical review of the case."
78 To survey; to look broadly over - "Before I tackle the question directly, I must briefly review historical approaches to the problem."
79 An account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work - "The newspaper review was full of praise for the play."
80 To look back over in order to correct or edit; to revise
81 To see again
82 To write a critical evaluation of a new art work etc.; to write a review - "The critic reviews every new play in London."
83 Retrieves a specific Purchase Request for review and/or revision Accessible from: the Electronic Purchase Request Menu, Order Information, Status of Requisitions, and Cosignature of Requisitions screens
84 An examination (formal or informal) of the specification, code, or another deliverable from a software project
85 the process in which designated people read drafts and provide their assessments of the material Also see editorial review and technical review
86 The British Review was nicknamed “My Grandmother ” In Don Juan, Lord Byron says, he bribed “My Grandmother's Review, the British ” The editor took this in dudgeon and gave Byron the lie, but the poet turned the laugh against the reviewer “Am I flat, I tip `My Grandmother' a bit of prose ”- Noctes Ambrosiance Revise (2 syl ) The second proof-sheet submitted to an author or “reader ” “I at length reached a vaulted room, and beheld, seated by a lamp and employed in reading a blotted revise the author of Waverley ”- Sir Walter Scott: Fortunes of Nigel (Introduction) Revival of Letters in England dates from the commencement of the eleventh century
87 Make a survey of, examining the subject critically
88 Performing inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the accountant with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements for them to be in conformity with GAAP or, if applicable, with OCBOA
89 ); remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride" hold a review (of troops) refresh one's memory; "I reviewed the material before the test" appraise critically; "She reviews books for the New York Times"; "Please critique this performance
90 a critical examination of a publication, such as a book, periodical, film, etc S "See also" reference: a direction in a catalog or index from a term or name under which entries are listed to another term, name or place under which additional or allied information may be found
91 Janet Mendel has lived in Spain for many years and has written a food column for Spain's English-language magazine, Lookout, for more than 25 years During that time, she has collected hundreds of authentic recipes Whenever I write articles on Spanish food, I almost almost consult Mendel's book to verify facts, check how dishes are actually made Spain, quantities, style, etc Janet Mendel is the real thing and such a bona fide authority on Spanish cooking that top cookbook authors and Mediterranean food authorities such as Paula Wolfert often consult her
92 refers to the evaluation of a proposal by the Institutional Review Board consistent with the policies established by appropriate federal agencies and the Belmont Report The review (and subsequent approval) are required before the study may be initiated
93 a periodic assessment of the Performance of the project
94 A process or meeting during which a work product, or set of work products, is presented to project personnel, managers, users or other interested parties for comment or approval [ieee]
95 A method of validation based on examination of an idea (or its deliverable) by a group of the originator's peers Reviews are useful for refining and optimizing requirements, designs, object models, and documentation before proceeding with implementation of those ideas
96 A critical evaluation of a book
97 - Make a general survey or examination of the major points in the material A review can also often be a critical report of a situation or problem E g review the main arguments for nuclear energy
98 Short article containing both descriptive and evaluative comments on a work, usually published in a journal, newspaper, or magazine To locate book reviews, use Book Review Digest ( available at I D Weeks Library - Research Databases- Book Review Digest (via FirstSearch) ) To locate film reviews, look under the heading "Motion picture reviews--Single works" in the paper Reader's Guide Abstracts ( also available at Wallace Library - Electronic Resources - Reader's Guide Abstracts )
99 the assessment of management/operational functions or activities to establish their conformance to qualitative specifications or requirements See Management systems review and also, Audit
100 Examination of a completed action, Incident, Change, etc The purpose of the review is to ensure that completion has been achieved to the satisfaction of appropriate stakeholders, identify any lessons learned and feed them into the improvement process
101 A review specifies a critical examination You should analyze and comment briefly in organized sequence upon the major points of the problem
102 a stage of the planning process where a critical assessment of a project or plan is made and during which the results of the monitoring and evaluation stages are fed back into the planning process for corrective action
103 To make a formal or official examination of the state of, as troops, and the like; as, to review a regiment
104 To reëxamine judically; as, a higher court may review the proceedings and judgments of a lower one
105 To retrace; to go over again
106 A second or repeated view; a reëxamination; a retrospective survey; a looking over again; as, a review of one's studies; a review of life
107 To go over and examine critically or deliberately
108 To reconsider; to revise, as a manuscript before printing it, or a book for a new edition
109 survey, conduct a general study; inspect, examine; reconsider, rethink  fiil
110 survey, general study; examination, inspection  isim
111 To view or see again; to look back on
112 To go over with critical examination, in order to discover exellences or defects; hence, to write a critical notice of; as, to review a new novel
113 To look back; to make a review
114 – The concurrent oversight of research on a periodic basis by an IRB In addition to the at least annual reviews mandated by the federal regulations, reviews may, if deemed appropriate, also be conducted on a continuous or periodic basis [Federal Policy §___ 108(e)]
115 hold a review (of troops) refresh one's memory; "I reviewed the material before the test"
116 remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride"
117 look back upon a period of time, sequence of events, etc
118 appraise critically; "She reviews books for the New York Times"; "Please critique this performance
119 The judicial examination of the proceedings of a lower court by a higher
120 A lesson studied or recited for a second time
121 A critical examination of a publication, with remarks; a criticism; a critique
122 A periodical containing critical essays upon matters of interest, as new productions in literature, art, etc
123 An inspection, as of troops under arms or of a naval force, by a high officer, for the purpose of ascertaining the state of discipline, equipments, etc
124 practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory (law) a judicial reexamination of the proceedings of a court (especially by an appellate court) an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play) a periodical that publishes critical essays on current affairs or literature or art (accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data look at again; examine again; "let's review your situation"
125 A review of a situation or system is its formal examination by people in authority. This is usually done in order to see whether it can be improved or corrected. The president ordered a review of US economic aid to Jordan
126 An examination with a view to amendment or improvement; revision; as, an author's review of his works
127 refresh one's memory; "I reviewed the material before the test"
128 hold a review (of troops)
129 look at again; examine again; "let's review your situation"
130 a formal or official examination; "the platoon stood ready for review"; "we had to wait for the inspection before we could use the elevator"
131 look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events, etc ); remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride"
132 In the context of the Act's provisions for independent reviews of decisions made by public bodies, "review" refers to the examination by the Commissioner, or an adjudicator, of a decision, act or failure to act by the head of a public body in the course of processing a request for access to records or information under the Act See also inquiry
133 This impressive site defines and gives examples of 300 or more math terms In addition, most terms become working examples of their concepts For example, visitors can watch as an animation builds Base 10 blocks to 100 and then build their own numbers Students can check out multiple examples of Fibonacci numbers Clicking on the term number gives users examples of Hindu Arabic, Roman, Even, Odd, Ordinal, and Whole Numbers Students can learn about subjects ranging from basic numeration through advanced math areas such as trigonometry The use of quizzes, demonstrations, and working examples makes the site very user friendly For any math student, this is an excellent resource in addition to being lots of fun!
134 A critical examination of a task or project to determine compliance with requirements and objectives
135 If you review a situation or system, you consider it carefully to see what is wrong with it or how it could be improved. The Prime Minister reviewed the situation with his Cabinet yesterday
136 To scan ledgers, or transactions to determine the accuracy, appropriateness and reasonableness of an expenditure, budgetary balance, encumbrance or other financial data This process may include verifying the accuracy of the data to supporting documentation
137 practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory
138 appraise critically; "She reviews books for the New York Times"; "Please critique this performance"
139 an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)
140 If someone reviews something such as a new book or film, they write a report or give a talk on television or radio in which they express their opinion of it. Richard Coles reviews all of the latest video releases
141 (law) a judicial reexamination of the proceedings of a court (especially by an appellate court)
142 When you review for an examination, you read things again and make notes in order to be prepared for the examination. Reviewing for exams gives you a chance to bring together all the individual parts of the course Review all the notes you need to cover for each course. Review is also a noun. Begin by planning on three two-hour reviews with four chapters per session
143 a subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment
144 (accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data
145 a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion
146 a periodical that publishes critical essays on current affairs or literature or art
147 A review is a report in the media in which someone gives their opinion of something such as a new book or film. We've never had a good review in the music press
148 a variety show with topical sketches and songs and dancing and comedians
149 a new appraisal or evaluation
150review. rev
151reviewer A person who writes critical reviews for a newspaper or other publication; a critic
152reviewing Present participle of to review
153A review reviewal
154reviewal act of surveying, act of conducting a general study; act of reexamining, act of reinvestigating  isim
155reviewal of a survey, of a review, of an appraisal  sıfat
156reviewed past of review
157reviewer An individual who receives the Post Entry Review Messages and reviews them If the individual determines the entry is correct and appropriate no action is necessary This individual initiates corrective action if they determine it is needed, usually by contacting the original enterer and requesting a correcting entry be made Reviewers may also make entries if they are also an enterer
158reviewer A person who has used and commented upon your Gallery work
159reviewer A writer who evaluates the quality of things such as books, films, food, art or theater
160reviewer Asbjørn Jøn
161reviewer one who reviews; critic, one who writes a critical evaluation  isim
162reviewer A person who reviews a document for a formal Technical Review This person raises issues, and focuses on quality and technical evaluation of the prodcut as correct and complete
163reviewer A reviewer is a person who reviews new books, films, television programmes, CDs, plays, or concerts. the reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement. someone who writes about new books, plays, films etc in a newspaper or magazine = critic
164reviewer someone who reads manuscripts and judges their suitability for publication
165reviewer a writer who reports and analyzes events of the day
166reviewer A trained person who provides a secondary check for correctness and appropriateness of data entered into the Personnel/Payroll System and who also ensures against the possibility of entries that could result in fraudulent payments or loss of University funds
167reviewer Individual who authorizes purchase orders and requisitions for their processing unit It is the Reviewer’s responsibility to ensure the expenditure authorized is in accordance with University policy and is charged to the correct chart string
168reviewer One who reviews or reëxamines; an inspector; one who examines publications critically, and publishes his opinion upon their merits; a professional critic of books
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170reviews plural of review
171reviews third-person singular of review
172reviews Goes over or examines deliberately or critically; analyses results for the purpose of giving an opinion
173reviews `Terse,clear,accurate' --JAMA, from a review of the 27 th edition "Carries on an impressive tradition of accuracy, clarity, and conciseness going back to the early years of the century, and users who prefer the medical dictionary with the brick-red covers will find the same amiable and authoritative guide they have come to respect and trust " --JAMA "Dorland's is reasonably priced and would be useful to anyone in the health care field I cannot imagine a practitioner who would not want a copy of this dictionary in the office " --The Journal of Family Practice
174reviews There are currently several types of reviews that appear on an Amazon com detail page These include Amazon com reviews, licensed content from other parties, and customer reviews
175reviews This dictionary will be of great benefit to all those who have to use or understand diplomatic terms International Affairs very useful, informative, and exceedingly well-written reference tool -American Reference Books Annual, Mark Y Herring
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177reviews From Booklist , April 15, 1999 Middle-and high-school students will find information about more than 230 African Americans in this easy-to-read dictionary, a revised edition of The Biographical Dictionary of Black Americans [RBB Ag 1 92] Copyright© 1999, American Library Association All rights reserved --This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title
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