English - Turkish

  1. iade edildi Bilgisayar
  2. geri ödemek fiil (refund)
  3. geri ödeme isim (refund)
  4. para iadesi isim (refund)
  5. iade yapmak fiil (refund)
  6. geri ödenen meblağ Ticaret (refund)
  7. parayı geri vermek (refund)
  8. iade (refund)
  9. para iadesi yapma Ticaret (refund)
  10. geri vermek (refund)
  11. geri verilen para (refund)
  12. iade etme Ticaret (refund)
  13. yeniden sermaye sağlamak (refund)
  14. ödemek (refund)
  15. geri vermek (para) fiil (refund)
  16. geri ödenen para isim (refund)
  17. geri verme isim (refund)
  18. geri ver fiil (refund)
  19. (alınmış parayı) geri vermek, geri ödemek fiil (refund)
  20. geri öde (refund)
  21. tekrar para vermek (refund)
  22. geri ver(mek) (refund)
  23. alınmış parayı geri vermek (refund)
  24. MÜKERRER FON Askeri (refund)

English - English

  1. past of refund
  2. An amount of money returned - "If the camera is faulty, you can return it to the store where you bought it for a refund." (refund)
  3. To return (money) to (someone) - "If you find this computer for sale anywhere at a lower price, we'll refund you the difference." (refund)
  4. To supply again with funds; to reimburse (refund)
  5. money given back, usually because goods are defective (refund)
  6. A return to the policyholder of part of the paid premium, because of cancellation, suspension, reduction in insurance coverage, or because of rate reduction (refund)
  7. Repayment by TRA of employee contributions (including interest) to a member who terminates TRA-covered service (refund)
  8. The amount of funds available to the student after Title IV and scholarship funds have been applied to the student's bill (refund)
  9. Create a credit to a cardholder account, usually as a result of a product return or to correct an error (refund)
  10. A return of advances, collections for overpayments made, adjustments for previous amounts disbursed, or recovery of erroneous disbursements from appropriation or fund accounts that are directly related to, and reductions of, previously recorded payments from accounts Refunds, are a special kind of collection, in which ITA is returned money that it previously disbursed (refund)
  11. Repayment of a portion of the insurance premium (refund)
  12. (Remboursement) Return Premium (refund)
  13. The repayment to the purchaser of the total charge or a portion of that charge for unused carriage (refund)
  14. The excess of your withholding and estimated tax payments for the year that you paid over your tax liability Federal income tax refunds are not taxable State income tax refunds may be taxable if you itemized your deductions in the year the state taxes were paid or withheld (refund)
  15. An amount paid back, credit allowed for over collection, or a rebate (refund)
  16. The unused portion of charges assessed by a school which should be returned to the student who withdraws before full consumption of the charges (refund)
  17. Return of a payment •Goods - sale of (refund)
  18. (1) For a list, return of part of payment due to shortage in count or excessive nondeliverables (over the guarantee); (2) for a product sold by mail, a return of the purchase price if an item is returned in good condition (refund)
  19. return of money, repayment, reimbursement isim (refund)
  20. A refund is a sum of money which is returned to you, for example because you have paid too much or because you have returned goods to a shop (refund)
  21. If someone refunds your money, they return it to you, for example because you have paid too much or because you have returned goods to a shop. We guarantee to refund your money if you're not delighted with your purchase. to give someone their money back, especially because they are not satisfied with the goods or services they have paid for reimburse (refund)
  22. return money, reimburse, repay; provide new funds, finance again fiil (refund)
  23. To fund again or anew; to replace (a fund or loan) by a new fund; as, to refund a railroad loan (refund)
  24. To give back; to repay; to restore (refund)
  25. the act of returning money received previously money returned to a payer pay back; "Please refund me my money (refund)
  26. money returned to a payer (refund)
  27. the act of returning money received previously (refund)
  28. The amount of money a former Federal employee withdraws from his/her retirement account Under FERS, refunds are paid with a market rate of interest (refund)
  29. Retiring existing bond issues through the sale of a new bond issue, usually to lower the interest rate being paid (refund)
  30. A return to the policyholder of part of the paid premium, because of cancellation, suspension, reduction of rate or insurance coverage (refund)


About This Word

    Etymology: [ ri-'f&nd, 'rE-" ] (transitive verb.) 15th century. Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French refonder, from Latin refundere, literally, to pour back, from re- + fundere to pour; more at FOUND.
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