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Definition of boks in Turkish English dictionary

  1. fistic
  2. sport in which two men fight with punches
  3. bout Harun's bout went the full distance. - Harun'un boks maçı son raunda kadar sürdü.
  4. box
  5. boxing I don't like such sports as boxing and hockey. - Boks ve hokey gibi sporları sevmem.
  6. fistical
English - English

Definition of boks in English English dictionary

    Releted Terms
  1. a turn; a round : bout
  2. a turn, trial, essay, attempt noun : bout
  3. Body of the guitar : bout
  4. One wound group of warp threads, tied together, which contains up to 6" of warp width : bout
  5. 發作 : bout
  6. A contest in its entirety between two fencers : bout
  7. As much of an action as is performed at one time; a going and returning, as of workmen in reaping, mowing, etc : bout
  8. A conflict; contest; attempt; trial; a set-to at anything; as, a fencing bout; a drinking bout : bout
  9. Fencing when score is kept for an end (i e to 5 or 10 or 15 points, etc ) : bout
  10. An attack (of an illness, etc) : bout
  11. An assault in which the score is kept [ Return to Top ] : bout
  12. A bout of something that is unpleasant is a short time during which it occurs a great deal. The latest bout of violence has claimed twenty four lives A half-hour daily walk can be more beneficial than one hard bout of exercise a week. = spell : bout
  13. If you have a bout of an illness or of an unpleasant feeling, you have it for a short period. He was recovering from a severe bout of flu I was suffering with a bout of nerves : bout
  14. session; fit of illness or drinking; athletic match isim : bout
  15. A bout is a boxing or wrestling match. This will be his eighth title bout in 19 months : bout
  16. (sports) a period of play during which one team is on the offensive : bout
  17. An assault at which the score is kept : bout
  18. an occasion for excessive eating or drinking; "they went on a bust that lasted three days" : bout
  19. a boxing match; "the fight was on television last night" : bout
  20. A fencing fight for a specific number of hits, usually five touches in six minutes : bout
Turkish - Turkish

Definition of boks in Turkish Turkish dictionary

  1. yumruk oyunu
  2. Belirli kurallara uyularak yapılan yumruk dövüşü, yumruk oyunu
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