İngilizce - Türkçe çeviri
çıp-lak kız re-sim-le-ri i-le dö-lü add into favorites
1çıplak kız resimleri ile dolu girlie  isim
2girlie A magazine targeted to an adult male audience and containing nude or semi-nude photographs of women - "When Grandma came to visit, the teen-aged boy hid the girlies in his dresser so she wouldn't see them."
3girlie A young girl - ""Daddy's little girlie.""
4girlie Of entertainment, involving attractive women or images thereof, usually nude or wearing skimpy clothing
5girlie Of entertainment, involving attractive women or images thereof, usually wearing less clothing than customary in other surroundings
6girlie (Slang) little girl; woman (offensive Slang)  isim
7girlie Girlie magazines or calendars show photographs of naked or almost naked women which are intended to please men
8girlie disapproval Girlie things are suitable for girls or women rather than men or boys. She swapped her plain suit for an absurdly girlie dress I'm a very girlie person while Polly is one of the lads
9girlie disapproval Some people refer to women as girlies, especially when they think they are not as intelligent or able as men. They think we're just a bunch of girlies who don't know what we're doing. an offensive word used by men when talking to a woman who they think is less sensible or intelligent than a man
10girlie featuring barely clothed or naked women; typically feminine in character, fitting girls rather than boys  sıfat