tenisci dirseği

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Definition of tenisci dirseği in Turkish English dictionary

  1. tennis elbow Tıp I have tennis elbow. - Bende tenisçi dirseği var.
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Definition of tenisci dirseği in English English dictionary

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  1. a painful inflammation of the extensor tendon of the humerus caused by overuse of the muscles of the lower arm : tennis elbow
  2. Painful injury often caused by extensive repetition of flexing motions and racquet vibration associated with tennis : tennis elbow
  3. Lateral humeral epicondylitis (An enthesitis) : tennis elbow
  4. painful inflammation of the tendon at the outer border of the elbow resulting from overuse of lower arm muscles (as in twisting of the hand) : tennis elbow
  5. Tendinitis of the elbow, often caused by the strains placed on the joint by playing tennis, though it may have other causes : tennis elbow
  6. an injury to the tendons on the lateral portion of the elbow that bend the wrist backward away from the palms of the hands : tennis elbow
  7. A painful inflammation of the tissue surrounding the elbow, caused by strain from playing tennis and other sports. a medical problem in which your elbow is very painful : tennis elbow
  8. a repetitive stress injury that occurs when muscles and tendons in the elbow area are torn or damaged : tennis elbow
  9. Occurs when the common extensor tendon near the elbow becomes inflamed from overuse : tennis elbow
  10. General term for lateral elbow pain : tennis elbow
  11. inflammation and tenderness of the outer part of the elbow, condition where the elbow becomes painful and tender isim : tennis elbow
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