English - Turkish

  1. pervane arkasındaki hava cereyanı
  2. pervane rüzgârı
  3. pervane kayma akıntı
  4. PERVANE RÜZGARI, PERVANE AKIMI: Uçak pervanesinin arkaya doğru sürdüğü hava cereyanı Askeri
  5. i., hav. pervane arkasındaki hava akımı

English - English

  1. To incorporate additional software (such as patches) into an existing installer - "It is illegal to distribute slipstreamed CDs. In some locales, it may also be illegal to create them."
  2. To take advantage of the suction produced by a slipstream by travelling immediately behind the slipstream generator - "Although dangerous, over the road truck drivers sometimes slipstream with each other to save fuel."
  3. the low pressure zone immediately following a rapidly moving object, caused by turbulence
  4. the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller
  5. The slipstream of a fast-moving object such as a car, plane, or boat is the flow of air directly behind it. He left a host of other riders trailing in his slipstream. the area of low air pressure just behind a vehicle that is moving quickly
  6. Third person singular simple present of to slipstream slipstreams
  7. plural of slipstream slipstreams


About This Word

    Etymology [ 'slip-"strEm ] (noun.) 1913. from slip + stream
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