slippery slopes

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  1. kaygan zemin deyim: slippery slope
  2. Kaygan zemin, yanlış yol: Tartışmayı ya da gidişatı daha açmaz bir yere taşıyacak durum deyim: slippery slope
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slippery slopes teriminin İngilizce İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

  1. plural form of slippery slope
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  3. A chain of events that, once initiated, cannot be halted; especially one in which the final outcome is undesirable or precarious I think basing your actions off an assumption like that is a slippery slope that is going to get you in trouble. : slippery slope
  4. A logical argument that follows a chain of events or causes and effects to some conclusion : slippery slope
  5. in interpretation, if you accept one tainted or false idea, that will lead to accepting other false beliefs One step off the true and narrow and your belief system will begin an "inevitable" slide See Propaganda : slippery slope
  6. This type of pseudoreasoning predicts that if one thing happens, or is permitted to happen, another clearly undesirable thing will eventually result : slippery slope
  7. A tricky precarious situation, especially one that leads gradually but inexorably to disaster: " a clear boundary to confer personhood on a human being... we approach a slippery slope that ends in the disposal of inconvenient people" (Steven Pinker) : slippery slope
  8. The assumption that just because one event occurs, it will automatically lead to a series of undesirable events even though there is no relationship between the action and the projected events : slippery slope
  9. slick incline, slippery hill : slippery slope
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    slip·pe·ry slopes

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    slîpri slōps


    /ˈsləprē ˈslōps/ /ˈslɪpriː ˈsloʊps/

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