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acoustic radiometer
Crookes radiometer
infrared radiometer
IR radiometer
Knudsen radiometer g..
microwave radiometer
radiometer gauge
ultraviolet radiomet..
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Etymology: [ "rA-dE-'ä-m&-t&r ] (noun.) 1875. radio + meter
1 radyometre
2 ışınölçer
3 ışınların kuvvetini ölçmeye yarayan alet
4 Enerji ışınlarının kuvvetini ölçme aleti, radyoaktif ışınlarının nüfuz gücünü ölçmeğe yarayan alet, radyometre  Tıp
5 A device that measures radiant energy
6 An instrument for quantitatively measuring the intensity of electromagnetic radiation in some band of wavelengths in any part of the electromagnetic spectrum Usually used with a modifier, such as an infrared radiometer or a microwave radiometer
7 An instrument to measure the changing levels of radiation as well as visible and infrared light They can produce cloud images even at night
8 An instrument for measuring radiant energy See actinometer, Dines radiometer, photometer, Tulipian radiometer
9 meter to detect and measure radiant energy (electromagnetic or acoustic)
10 an electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument
11 An instrument for measuring radiant energy
12 A name for light-measuring instruments which do not match the wavelength
13 an instrument that measures radiance, or the radiation emitted by an object
14 instrument for measuring the strength of radiant energy  isim
15 An instrument designed for measuring the mechanical effect of radiant energy
16 A forestaff
17 General name for an instrument used to measure radiation over a specific wavelength range
18 An instrument that quantitatively measures electromagnetic radiation Weather satellites carry radiometers to measure radiation from snow, ice, clouds, bodies of water, the Earth's surface, and the sun
19 An instrument for detecting and, usually, measuring radiant energy Compare bolometer See actinometer, photometer
20 an instrument to measure fluxes of electromagnetic radiation
21radiometers plural of radiometer
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