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1seksi kadın crumpet  isim
2crumpet A type of savoury cake, typically flat and round, made from batter and yeast, containing many small holes and served toasted, usually with butter
3crumpet A person (or, collectively, persons) considered sexually desirable - "John and his mates have gone out to find themselves some crumpet."
4crumpet A kind of large, thin muffin or cake, light and spongy, and cooked on a griddle or spider
5crumpet Crumpets are round, flat pieces of a substance like bread or batter with small holes in them. You toast them and eat them with butter
6crumpet Some men refer to attractive women as crumpet. This use could cause offence
7crumpet raised muffin cooked on a griddle
8crumpet small round muffin-like bread; good looking woman (British Slang)  isim