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Msc student
1 Master derecesi ünvanı, MSc (Master of Science)
2 ana ast komutanlık; Askeri Deniz Ulaştırma Komutanlığı; askeri karargah komitesi; görev destek onayı (major subordinate command; Military Sealift Command; military staff committee; mission support confirmation)  Askeri
3 Masters Degree in Science
4 Abbreviation Message Sequence Chart, an interaction diagram
5 second degree in the sciences
6 An MSc is a master's degree in a science subject. MSc is an abbreviation for `Master of Science'. Magister Scientiae (Master of Science)
7 Measured Space Correction - proprietary Trimble Navigation GPS data file containing "corrected" location points
8 Management Standards Centre
9 Degrees and qualifications awarded (UKOU)
10 Major Subordinate Command
11 Main Service Channel Used to carry audio and data service components
12 maximum safe concentration
13 a master's degree in science
14 Marked section close
15 Materiel Screening Code
16 Master of Science degree
17 A control protocol that is an extended version of the original MIDI In addition to a "go" command, cue numbers and other information can be transmitted
18 Marine Stewardship Council An initiative of WWF and Unilever to encourage good fisheries management, which is still at the planning stage
19 Mobile Switching Centre Interface between the base station system and the switching subsystem of the mobile phone network
20 Master of Science - ambiguous meaning: internationally the title obtained after finishing the undergraduate sciences curriculum (4 year), equivalent to obtaining the 'doctoral degree' in science in the Netherlands To add to the confusion, subsequent to the DVM degree, MSc courses for Dutch and foreign DVMs are held - at the faculty, e g , in epidemiology leading to the title: Master of Science in Veterinary Epidemiology It is considered to accept the latter (postcurricular) type of MSc course (or 'Master Course') as a basis for following a shortened PhD track
21 Main Switching Centre
22 Mobile Switching Centre
23 Mobile Switching Center
24 The hub of the network system Its main purpose is to control calls to and from other telephone and data systems such as PSTN It plays a major role in subscriber roaming by providing all the necessary functionality involved in registering, authenticating, location updating, and call routing for a roaming subscriber
25 Mobile Service Centre - The electronic switch or "middleman" between cell sites and the public switched telephone network, processing traffic back and forth Also referred to as MTSO
26 Mobile Switching Center This contains all the control and switching elements for a cellular system, housed by the Mobile Telephone Switching Office
27 Member Service Center That part of NCEA that addresses membership records, publications, shipping and receiving
28 Manpower Services Commission An agency of the Department of Employment, formed in 1974, which organised (amongst other things) vocational training for the unemployed, and following a 1984 White Paper "Training for Jobs" organised vocational qualifications This function has now been taken over by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications
29 Manned Spacecraft Center; now Johnson Space Center
30 Master of Science NMR Naval Materiel Requirements OMAE Offshore Mechanics & Arctic Engineers ONR Office of Naval Research OPRS Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship OWTTF Open Water Tow Test Facility PTPM Prawn Trawl Performance Model R&D Research & Development RAN Royal Australian Navy RINA Royal Institution of Naval Architects ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle RRA Registered Research Agency SI Systems Identification SME Small-to-Medium enterprises SPP Simulator of Propeller Performance TAFE Technical & Further Education TLP Tension Leg Platform UK United Kingdom UNSW The University of New South Wales US United States UTas The University of Tasmania UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicles VIM Vibration Isolation Module VPP Velocity Prediction Program [Contents] [Previous] [Next] CRICOS provider code: 00301J
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