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be sold o-ut
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1 Satılmış, artık satılık olmayan
2 hepsi satılmak
3 kalmamak
4sold out hepsi satılmış, tükenmiş. "All flat panel TVs are sold out" , "Tüm düz ekran TV ler satılmış"
5sold out hepsi satıldı, kalmadı
6be out grev yapmak
7be out çıkmış olmak
8be out grevde olmak
9be out dışarıda olmak
10be out bitmek
11be out yanmak
12be out söz konusu olmamak
13be out (belirli bir miktar para) gitmek; (para) açığı olmak: I had to buy them
14be out dışarıda olmak: He's out at the moment. Şu an burada değil
15be out evde olmak  Fiili Deyim
16sold out hepsini satmak
17sold out bitti
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18sold out ran out, were snatched up, were completely sold
19sold out If a shop is sold out of something, it has sold all of it that it had. The stores are sometimes sold out of certain groceries. see also sell out
20sold out If a performance, sports event, or other entertainment is sold out, all the tickets for it have been sold. The premiere on Monday is sold out