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Etymology: (noun.) 1621. From French pharmacopée and post-classical Latin pharmacopoeia, from Hellenistic Ancient Greek φαρμακοποιία (pharmakopoiia, “preparation of drugs”).
1 İlaçların bilemişini ve hazırlanma usullerini bildiren kitap
2 Eczanede bulunan ilaçların bütünü
3 ilâçların bileşimini ve hazırlanma usullerini anlatan kitap
4 farmakope
5 ilaçlar kitabı
6 kodeks
7 ilaç katalog
8 ilaç kılavuzu/kitabı
9 belli standartlara göre ilaç hazırlama formülleri ve yöntemlerini içeren resmi kitap  Diş Hekimliği
10 bir eczanede bulunan ilâçların toplamı
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11 An official book describing medicines or other pharmacological substances, especially their use, preparation, and regulation
12 A collection of drugs
13 a collection or stock of drugs
14 Authorized treatise on drugs or dietary supplement and their preparation, especially a book containing formulas and information that provides a standard for preparation and dispensation
15 book containing detailed information about medications (i.e. formulas, preparation instructions, etc.); supply of various drugs  isim
16 Official compilation of medicinal substances and/or articles with descriptions, tests and formulas for preparing them, selected by a recognized authority The pharmacopoeia issued for a country is the legal standard of that nation Also spelled pharmacopoeia See official compendium
17 A pharmacopoeia is an official book that lists all the drugs that can be used to treat people in a particular country, and describes how to use them. an official book giving information about medicines (pharmakopoiia , from pharmakon ( PHARMACY) + poiein )
18 藥典
19pharmacopeia (pharmacology) a book containing a compilation of pharmaceutical products with their formulas and methods of preparation
20pharmacopeia An official or standard list of medicinal drugs, usually in a book, together with details of their preparation, formulation and use
21pharmacopeias plural of pharmacopeia
22pharmacopoeias plural of pharmacopoeia
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