mutfak gereçleri

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Definition of mutfak gereçleri in Turkish English dictionary

  1. kitchenware isim
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Definition of mutfak gereçleri in English English dictionary

    Releted Terms
  1. Instruments and utensils found in a kitchen, particularly those associated with the preparation and serving of food The new chef reorganized the space where we keep the pots, pans, and other kitchenware. : kitchenware
  2. Of or pertaining to utensils and appliances used for food preparation He works in the kitchenware section of the department store. : kitchenware
  3. pots, pans, and other things used for cooking : kitchenware
  4. hardware utensils for use in a kitchen : kitchenware
  5. kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils isim : kitchenware
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    mut·fak ge·reç·le·ri

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