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Definition of menşe ülke in Turkish English dictionary

  1. Country of Origin
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Definition of menşe ülke in English English dictionary

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  1. Tropical Africa : country of origin
  2. - Generally, the country of origin of a good is the country in which (1) the good is wholly obtained or produced; (2) the good is produced exclusively from domestic materials; or (3) each foreign material incorporated in that good undergoes an applicable change in tariff classification set out in 19 CFR §102 20 and satisfies any other applicable requirements of that section, and all other applicable requirements of these rules are satisfied [19 CFR §102 11] : country of origin
  3. Country where commodities were originally grown, mined, or manufactured : country of origin
  4. A refugee's home country- where they were born : country of origin
  5. The country where merchandise was grown or manufactured : country of origin
  6. Indonesia : country of origin
  7. The country where the goods were manufactured : country of origin
  8. The U S Customs Service defines country of origin as the country where an article was wholly grown, manufactured or produced, or, if not wholly grown, cultivated or produced in one country, the last country in which the article underwent a substantial transformation Duty rates vary according to the country of origin : country of origin
  9. The country in which the student was born : country of origin
  10. The country from which a good or service originates : country of origin
  11. The country of manufacture, production, or growth of any article If the article consists of material produced or derived from, or processed in, more than one foreign territory or country, or insular possession of the U S , it is considered a product of that foreign territory or country, or insular possession where it last underwent a substantial transformation : country of origin
  12. The trading country from which the goods originated, not the last country of consignment : country of origin
  13. Country of origin is the country where the merchandise was grown, mined or manufactured, in accordance with US Customs Regulations In instances where the country of origin cannot be determined, transactions are credited to the country of shipment Certain foreign trade reports show country subcodes to indicate special tariff treatment afforded some imported articles : country of origin
  14. Refers to the country where the product was manufactured This information determines customs charges and taxes in certain countries Certain countries may entirely bar shipments from certain other countries In select countries, a notarized certificate of the country of origin may significantly lower the taxes levied : country of origin
  15. use the code "hcountry" followed by the name of the country: hcountry: united states for art historians resident or who worked in the United States : country of origin
  16. The country where the goods originate Same as the country of manufacture : country of origin
  17. The country in which a product or commodity is manufactured or produced : country of origin
  18. the country that produced the imported merchandise See Marking : country of origin
  19. Country in which the goods have been produced or manufactured, according to criteria laid down for the purpose of application of the customs tariff, of quantitative restrictions, or of any other measure related to trade : country of origin
  20. native country, motherland, land of one's birth or original citizenship : country of origin
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Definition of menşe ülke in Turkish Turkish dictionary

  1. ürünün, markanın üretildiği ülke
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