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  1. balon
  2. cam kap Biyokimya
  3. yassı şişe Tıp
  4. balon (cam kap) Kimya
  5. deney tüpü
  6. cebe konan küçük yassı içki şişesi
  7. termos
  8. dar boyunlu küçük şişe
  9. deneykap
  10. küçük şişe
  11. imbik
  12. barutluk
  13. içine barut veya yağ konan şişe şeklindeki kap
  14. cep şişesi; matara isim
  15. imbik [müh.] isim
  16. kim. balon (cam kap) isim
  17. Şişe, balon Tıp
  18. cep şişesi isim
  19. dökümcülükte kullanılan kalıp
  20. cebe konan içki şisesi
  21. küçük ve yassı şişe
  22. termos/matara/erlen
İngilizce - İngilizce

flask teriminin İngilizce İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

  1. Laboratory glassware used to hold larger volumes than test tubes, normally having a narrow mouth of a standard size which widens to a flat or spherical base
  2. A container for holding a casting mold, especially for sand casting molds
  3. A container used to discreetly carry a small amount of a hard alcoholic beverage; a pocket flask
  4. laboratory glassware used for holding larger volumes than simple test tubes; normally they have a narrow mouth of a standard size, which widens to a flat or spherical base, depending on the uses it is required for
  5. a kind of bottle, powderhorn, mark, bed noun
  6. forming the mold used in a foundry; it consists of two or more parts; viz
  7. the cope or top; sometimes, the cheeks, or middle part; and the drag, or bottom part
  8. When there are one or more cheeks, the flask is called a three part flask, four part flask, etc
  9. The wooden or iron frame which holds the sand, etc
  10. A narrow-necked vessel of metal or glass, used for various purposes; as of sheet metal, to carry gunpowder in; or of wrought iron, to contain quicksilver; or of glass, to heat water in, etc
  11. A container used to discreetly carry a small amount of a hard alcoholic beverage
  12. bottle that has a narrow neck the quantity a flask will hold
  13. A small bottle-shaped vessel for holding fluids; as, a flask of oil or wine
  14. A bed in a gun carriage
  15. A ball-type glass container of a rare gas used to fill a neon tube
  16. bottle that has a narrow neck
  17. the quantity a flask will hold
  18. A flask is a bottle or other container which is used in science laboratories and industry for holding liquids. flasks for the transport of spent fuel. see also hip flask, vacuum flask
  19. A flask is a bottle which you use for carrying drinks around with you. He took out a metal flask from a canvas bag. A flask of liquid is the flask and the liquid which it contains. There's some sandwiches here and a flask of coffee
  20. round glass bottle with a long narrow neck (used in laboratory experiments); small glass or metal bottle with a screw-on lid; box, container (used in casting metal) isim
  21. Molding box into which molding sand is placed against the pattern while the box surrounds the pattern; usually consists of a top and bottom (cope and drag)
  22. A ceramic, glass, or metal container fitted with a tight stopper A flask holds 1 pint of liquid
  23. - The container which houses the cluster assembly and compacted sand during metal pouring
  24. In metals this is usually a reference to a container used in the casting process Most often a steel cylinder used to encase a casting mold
  25. A metal frame used for making or holding a sand mold The upper part is the cope and the bottom half is the drag
  26. Metal container for plastic mold
  27. a gun-metal mould with locating pins used for flasking
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  29. plural of flask : flasks
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    [ flask, fl[a]sk ] (noun.) 1549. From Middle English flask (“cask, keg”), from flaske (“case”), from Anglo-Norman flaske (subject case), flascon (object case), from Late Latin flascō ‘bottle’, from Frankish *flasko (cf. Dutch (Flemish) vlesch), from Proto-Germanic *flaskōn ‘braid-covered bottle, wicker-enclosed jug’ (cf. Old English flaxe, flasce, West Frisian flesse, German Flasche), from Proto-Indo-European *plok̑-skō (cf. Lithuanian plókščias (“flat”), Old Church Slavonic ploskŭ (“flat”)). Sense 2 from Italian fiasco and sense 3 from Middle French flasque (“powder flask”), itself from Old Spanish flasco, frasco, all words being of the same origin as above.

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    alembic, ampulla, bag, beaker, bottle, canteen, carafe, caster, chalice, crock, cruet, crystal, decanter, demijohn, ewer, fiasco, flacon, flagon, flasket, glass

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