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  1. opaque Tıp

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  1. If you say that something is opaque, you mean that it is difficult to understand. the opaque language of the inspector's reports (opaque)
  2. (1) an area or material that completely blocks out unwanted light; (2) red or black liquid used to blockout or cover unwanted clear or gray areas on a negative; (3) white liquid used to cover unwanted black images in an original copy; (4) to paint out areas on a negative which which are not to print, refer to blockout; (5) the property of paper that makes it less transparent (opaque)
  3. Opaque means that the blind is not translucent to the point that you can see through it Unlike the US expression, opaque does not mean that it cuts out virtually all light On the contrary, you can have an opaque fabric that allows up to 60% light transmission (opaque)
  4. Light cannot pass through (opaque)
  5. paper term (opaque)
  6. The opposite of transparent, something that is opaque lets no light through An opaque coat of paint will completely conceal the colours underneath it Opacity/opaqueness is the quality of being opaque (opaque)
  7. A condition where a material, such as a cloud, blocks the passage of radiant energy, especially light Opaque sky cover refers to the amount of sky cover that completely hides all that might be above it (opaque)
  8. Permitting no light to show through (opaque)
  9. Does not allow passage of light, cannot be seen through (opaque)
  10. Not allowing light to pass through (opaque)
  11. The property of paper that makes it less transparent (opaque)
  12. A quality of paper that allows relatively little light to pass through (opaque)
  13. If an object or substance is opaque, you cannot see through it. You can always use opaque glass if you need to block a street view. transparent (opaque)
  14. that which entirely obstructs the passage of light; fluid for photographic negatives isim (opaque)
  15. The amount of light measured that can not travel through the paper The more opaque a sheet of paper is, the less transparent (opaque)
  16. Quality of a material that does not let any light pass through (opaque)
  17. not transparent, entirely obstructing the passage of light; obstructing the passage of radiation (Physics); frosted (about glass); dull; stupid sıfat (opaque)
  18. Not allowing light to pass through Is not transparent or translucent (opaque)
  19. Does not allow light to pass through (opaque)
  20. Not clear or translucent Not allowing light to show through (opaque)

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  1. kesif


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