Turkish - English

  1. nymphomaniac isim

English - English

  1. A woman with excessive sexual desire (nymphomaniac)
  2. Having excessive sexual desire (nymphomaniac)
  3. a woman with abnormal sexual desires (nymphomaniac)
  4. disapproval If someone refers to a woman as a nymphomaniac, they mean that she has sex or wants to have sex much more often than they consider normal or acceptable. a woman who wants to have sex often, usually with a lot of different men = sex maniac (nymphomania (18-21 centuries), from nymphae + mania ( MANIA)) (nymphomaniac)
  5. (used of women) affected with excessive sexual desire (nymphomaniac)
  6. woman with excessive and uncontrollable sexual desires (Psychology) isim (nymphomaniac)


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