ne demek

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a) What does it mean? b) Not at all c) Be my guest!
what does it mean?
not at all
be my guest!
what say
ne demek istedin?
what did you mean?
ne demek istediniz?
what did you mean?
ne demek istiyorsan söyle
(Konuşma Dili) out with it
ne demek istiyorsun
ne demek istiyorsun
What are you getting at
ne demek?
1. What does it mean?: Bu ne demek? What does this mean? 2. Just what does it mean? (said angrily): Ders ekmek ne demek? Just what do you mean by cutting a class?
bu ne demek
what does it mean
bu ne demek
What does this mean
en iyisini biz biliriz - beykent tanıtım günleri
ne demek


    ne de·mek



    [ 'nA ] (adjective.) 1905. French, literally, born; more at Née.

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